The 1260sc is the newest enhancement to Diamondback’s impressive arsenal of residence spin cycles. And as you would certainly anticipate (this is Diamondback we’re talking about after all), this bike is high-end from top to bottom.

From the 31 pound rear placed flywheel to the fully-adjustable seat as well as handlebars, the 1260sc has a great deal going for it.

As well as unlike all previous Diamondback cycles, the 1260sc is designed to be paired with fitness apps.

Essentially, if you’re trying to find a smooth indoor cycle that’s developed to stand up to the most laborious workouts you can toss at it, the 1260sc is a great option.

Yet no bike is best.

Prior to you decide to purchase, it is necessary to learn as much as you can- and that’s exactly what this testimonial is right here to help with.

In this write-up, I’ll give a comprehensive consider everything Diamondback’s 1260sc needs to supply. We’ll additionally discuss all the crucial specifications and also attributes you should think about when looking for a quality spin bike.

After analysis, you’ll know everything you need to in order to decide whether this is the appropriate cycle for your house health club.

Diamondback is a quite popular name when it comes to bikes. They started out in the ’70s as a maker of BMX style bikes, yet ultimately progressed to giving all sort of hill and roadway bikes too.

With the appeal of their roadway bikes, they determined they ‘d attempt their luck in the home fitness world and Diamondback Physical fitness was born.

Diamondback Physical fitness provides a few ellipticals in their schedule, but exercise bikes really are their speciality.

The brand is possibly most well-known for their spin cycles, which consistently locate their means on physical fitness blog owners’ “ideal of” checklists time after time.

Which’s no coincidence- it’s a known fact that Diamondback bikes are well constructed.

The brand certainly concentrates a lot more on performance than anything else. Something every one of their designs share is that they come with resilient frames and premium elements (a great combination if you ask me).

The 1260sc is the brand name’s newest as well as most costly spin cycle to date. Various other spin bikes in their schedule consist of the 910ic and their entry-level 510ic.


  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 300 lb weight limit
  • Dual-action pedals
  • ANT+ and bluetooth compatible
  • Self-generating power source
  • Decent warranty
  • 31 lb, rear-mounted flywheel
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Belt drive
  • Lever resistance control
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • No preprogrammed workouts
  • No chest strap included


If you have actually read any one of my other spin bike evaluations, you know I like to start by talking about the flywheel (you know, the round disc that spins as you pedal).

The flywheel of a spin cycle is its heart- this is where your resistance originates from along with the overall feel of your flight.

Most home spin bikes develop a smooth trip by utilizing a heavy, perimeter-weighted flywheel. They do this because it’s a cost effective method to produce more momentum as you pedal (as well as more momentum corresponds to a smoother feeling).

Utilizing this train of thought, it would certainly make good sense that the much heavier the flywheel, the far better, specifically if you’re trying to resemble the feeling of riding a bike outside (for an extra in-depth discussion on flywheel weight, look into this article).

The 1260sc includes a 31 lb flywheel.

Being well over 20 pound, I would consider this to be a “heavy” flywheel. And also at 31 pound, this bike should not have any issues providing a smooth feel throughout your trips.

That stated, it’s in fact the lightest flywheel located of all their spin cycles (the 510ic utilizes a 32 pound flywheel and also the 910ic uses a 40 pound flywheel).

I’m a little surprised they really did not just make use of the same one they utilize on the 510ic- it appears to be close sufficient in dimension.

At 31 lb, this flywheel is quite ordinary for premium spin bikes in regards to weight, yet what deserves noting is that it lies in the rear of the bike.

It’s kinda tough to miss this reality.

Putting the flywheel in the rear doesn’t only look trendy (there’s no refuting these rear-mounted bikes look kinda advanced), but it does serve a function of protecting the flywheel.

When it remains in the back, it’s far from all the sweat pouring off you throughout your exercises, which keeps it tidy and secured from the corrosion that can happen gradually.

Diamondback changed points up by positioning the flywheel in the rear, however they additionally switched things up with the lever resistance control (the various other versions utilize up/down switches on the console for changing resistance).

You can conveniently switch between the 16 magnetic resistance degrees offered with the red lever in the front of the bike.

The 510ic likewise comes with 16 resistance levels, but the 910ic includes 32. Given the rate point, I kinda desire Diamondback would’ve placed 32 resistance degrees on the 1260sc.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you obtain more total resistance, yet it allows you to makes smaller sized adjustments.

Overall though, the 1260sc ratings pretty very in this division with it’s heavy, rear-mounted flywheel and also lever resistance adjuster.


Many rotate cycles come with conventional road bike seats due to the fact that these exercise bikes are developed to simulate the feeling of riding an actual road bike- sore butt and all.

Numerous beginning riders complain concerning the absence of comfort in these seats (myself consisted of) and also allow’s be real- bike seats are little, tough, as well as uneasy to rest on for extended periods.

The good news is that with time, you’ll get utilized to those tiny seats as well as really feel even more comfy (and if you don’t you can constantly include a gel cover).

Well, the 1260sc is no various.

This cycle features a basic bike seat as well.

What deserves noting however is that the seat is completely flexible, indicating you can change the height and horizontal position (fore/aft) quickly.

This is great because it makes it much easier for you to locate your ideal riding position, which will lower your possibilities of developing any type of unwanted aches and also discomforts.

P.S.- being a standard roadway bike, you can easily swap it out for an additional more exceptional seat if you such as.


The handlebars are multi-grip, which is crucial for an appropriate spin cycle. There are typically 3 riding positions you’ll use during your exercises (described as position 1, 2, and also 3) and also each setting requires a various hold.

They essentially refer to slim, broad, and also best. The hand setting you make use of relies on whether you’re riding a level road, running, or climbing up a hillside.

You’ll hear your instructors utilize these terms if you make use of instructor-led workouts.

Anyhow, the 1260sc comes equipped with any type of hand grasp you can visualize.

As well as, similar to the seat, the handlebars are fully adjustable.

Not all high-end spin cycles off fore/aft positioning of the handlebars, and also I don’t think it’s an essential attribute, yet it’s a nice function to have all the same.

Besides, the even more customization options you have, the extra able you are to place on your own in a comfortable riding position.


At first glimpse, the 1260sc reminds me a little of Life Fitness’s IC6, with its black frame as well as red accents. Both bikes are rear-mounted also.

But looks apart, the framework on the 1260sc is quite sturdy.

This is noticeable when we check out 2 specifications: the overall constructed weight as well as weight limitation.

For both specs, I believe much heavier is much better because higher numbers in these 2 categories equate to a more powerful bike. I mean, a bike that can take care of 300 pound individuals needs to be “heavier-duty” than a bike that can manage 250 lb customers? Right?

As well as a larger bike is mosting likely to be much less most likely to rock or totter throughout usage.

The 1260sc has actually a set up weight of 130 lb, which is significant for a spin bike, which has a tendency to be smaller sized and also sleeker than other stationary bicycle styles to begin with.

This bike comes with a weight limitation of 300 lb, which is likewise respectable for a spin cycle.

As well as not only can this bike take care of folks evaluating up to 300 lb, yet it can additionally fit individuals who are up to 6′ 5 ″ high.

In other words, the 1260sc can hold most people safely. And with such a hefty put together weight, you should not need to fret about the bike wobbling on ya (I own the 510ic, which weighs regarding 100 pound, which point is rock solid).


The majority of rotate cycles come with pedals that are created to be used with sneakers (toe cage) or riding cleats (clipless).

Some, like the 1260sc, included dual-action pedals that can be made use of with tennis shoes or cleats. This is the very best of both globes since you can use it with whatever kind of footwear you desire.

It’s also hassle-free for residences with numerous individuals where everyone might not have their own set of cleats.

One side of the pedal as the common toe cage to be utilized with tennis shoes, as well as the opposite has the SPD compatible clipless system.

P.S.- If you have actually never made use of cleats prior to, it’s worth trying. With cleats, you can pedal faster and also much more effectively given that you’re attached to the pedal … I like it.


Every one of Diamondback’s spin cycles feature little, relatively simple screens (not all spin bikes do), yet the brand chose to alter things around a little with the one located on the 1260sc.

Unlike the monitors on the 510ic and also 910ic, this one is ANT+ and bluetooth compatible, permitting it to sync with most of the preferred fitness apps around.

It’s also suitable with wireless heart rate screens, watches, as well as various other activity monitors that use bluetooth or ANT+.

This is terrific, because you can match this cycle with a health and fitness app to keep track of as well as keep all your exercise stats. It additionally makes the 1260sc a fantastic choice to make use of for streaming workouts.

Speaking of exercises, this screen does not come with any preloaded exercises.

There’s a “watt fitness instructor” function that primarily cues you to help you maintain a specific watt result, yet no traditional workouts on this version.

Oh, as well as this monitor runs self-generated power. That’s right, as you pedal, you power this thing, suggesting you do not have to fret about connecting it in.

Or else, the screen shows all the fundamental metrics you would certainly expect. I like that it continuously shows your watt result, something that’ll come in convenient


Diamondback offers the adhering to warranty on their 1260sc Studio Cycle:

  • 5 year frame
  • 3 year brake
  • 1 year parts and electronic devices
  • 90 day labor

In general, this service warranty isn’t poor, but there’s definitely room for renovation below.

5 years on the structure is quite common, also for high-end spin cycles like this one (although Sole does offer a lifetime structure warranty).

Provided the rate, I wish to see 2-3 years on components as well as 1 year on labor.

P.S.- Diamondback composes their guarantee as a “lifetime” framework guarantee, but if you maintain reviewing you’ll see that they think about the typical lifetime of the bike to be 5 years.

Final Thoughts

I such as Diamondback as a brand name as well as I can not remember if I discussed it over or not, however I own their 510ic as well as have actually been extremely pleased with it.

Their bikes are very-well built, durable machines that operate precisely as they’re meant to.

And also with every one of this in mind, I assume the 1260sc is a great addition to their lineup.

Rear-mounted spin bikes are ending up being extra preferred and I believe it makes good sense for Diamondback to add one to their toolbox.

And this being Diamondback, their rear-mounted spin bike is going to be much more sturdy than the majority of others around.

I like the hefty flywheel, the fully adjustable seat/handlebars, which they finally added bluetooth to their screen.

It would certainly be nice if the screen included a few preprogrammed exercises, but with the majority of us using streaming exercises now anyway, that’s possibly not that big an offer for the majority of riders.

In general, I think Diamondback has a champion here. The 1260sc is one of the nicest rear-mounted spin cycles I have actually seen. Very suggested.


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