I lately found the X3 Complete Home Gym System and also was quite stunned by all the insurance claims the ads make. A lot to make sure that I made a decision to do some research and see if this portable home health club system is legitimate or just the result of some beautiful imaginative marketers.

I’m wishing this evaluation will aid you determine whether or not the X3 residence gym system is a great fit. Besides, when it concerns house fitness items, there are a ton of fish in the sea, if you recognize what I suggest.

What Is The X3 Complete Home Gym System?

Likewise referred to as the X3 Pro Bar, this item is developed to be a mobile house fitness center system. It contains a steel bar, 4 resistance bands, and a foot plate.

In the beginning look, this doesn’t seem particularly intriguing or various from any one of the various other portable resistance band-based house fitness centers.

One point that most definitely sets the X3 apart is the rate, however we’ll return to that later on.

Before we obtain also far, I intend to discuss it’s maker, Dr. John Jaquish. Dr. Jaquish has a PhD in biomedical engineering and initially came on the scene when he created a gadget to help turn around weakening of bones by enhancing bone thickness- with aiding his mommy being his prime inspiration.

He’s still apparently quite involved with the area, taking a trip as well as talking to teams relating to bone health and also methods health and fitness devices can be made use of to treat osteoporosis.

His business, Jaquish Biomedical, continues to generate these devices, but appears to have concentrated extra on their house fitness center products just recently.

The advertising for the X3 system spends a lot of time reviewing variable resistance training and all of its advantages. Basically, variable resistance training is any kind of condition where the resistance changes throughout the activity of an exercise.

As an example, when making use of a resistance band, the resistance increases as the band is stretched (as well as lowers as the band returns back to its regular size).

Lots of fitness products utilize a comparable system- any kind of system using a resistance bands truly (Bowflex and also their power poles do also).

You will certainly likewise locate variable resistance training used in industrial health clubs when you see someone bench pressing or squatting with a weights and resistance bands (or chains) attached to the barbell.

The X3 is a pretty basic system- as stated over, it’s a bar and 4 bands. The evil one remains in the information though:

The Bar

The consisted of bar is made out of steel and also chrome layered. It’s developed to hold over 500 pound well worth of pressure, which will make even more sense when we talk about the resistance bands. It has a hook on each end to attach the bands to.

There are round bearings inside each end (where the hook is) that allows the bar to turn while keeping the band’s positioning constant- this makes certain the bands don’t turn or obtain kinked during usage.

Individuals concur bench goes over as well as well developed to hold a lot of weight. They compare it to the feel of holding a weights, which is a guaranteed step-up from several of the plastic and even more lightweight bars on the market.

The Bands

The 4 resistance bands that feature the X3 are strong and also designed to offer more resistance than a lot of the bands you have actually possibly come across.

They are custom made from a dual layer of extra-thick latex particularly for the X3. The 4 included bands come in the complying with resistances (recalling that with bands the resistance isn’t consistent, that’s why each has a variety):.

  • Super light-weight: 15– 50 pounds.
  • Light-weight: 25– 80 pounds.
  • Middle-weight: 50– 120 pounds.
  • Heavy-weight: 60– 150 lbs.

You can likewise “fold” a band to increase the resistance (the light-weight band after that becomes approximately 160 pounds) as well as integrate bands to fine tune the resistance felt depending upon the exercise.

There’s likewise an “elite” band that can be bought individually- it gives 200-300 pound of resistance and also equalize to 500 pound when doubled over.

What truly leaps bent on me is just how much resistance these bands can providing. The bands created for the X3 give a whole lot even more resistance than the resistance tubes currently holding on my attic door- I assume my HEAVIEST tube supplies 50-75 pound of resistance.

The Footplate

The footplate is a great touch, due to the fact that one thing that sucks regarding resistance bands is needing to stand on them. The consisted of footplate is supposed to make that even more comfortable.

The high thickness polyethylene surface area has actually a notched out area under developed to keep the band in position.

Using the footplate must make workouts like biceps curls as well as shoulder presses more comfy.

This plate is likewise designed to withstand over 500 lb of pressure, so it needs to have the ability to stay on top of the extra solid resistance bands.

The Exercises

The X3 Home Fitness center System also features a 12-week online training program to assist you take advantage of your new product.

Weekly includes 2 different workouts, each performed 2x (one workout on Monday and Thursday, the various other on Tuesday and Friday for an overall of 4 workouts weekly).

Each exercise only contains 4 workouts as well as each exercise only consists of one collection … to failure. This is most likely a different way of working out for the majority of you, but keep in mind you can comprise your very own workouts as well.

You don’t need to follow their online program if you do not intend to.

Directly, I find it unsubstantiated that moderate to skilled weight lifters are going to be happy with a single collection of each exercise, whether it’s to failing or otherwise. Yet once again, no one is requiring you to comply with the on the internet workouts.

With some creativity, you can most likely include even more workouts, however the ones made use of in the workouts are composed largely of things like: breast press, front squats, deadlifts, tricep expansions, bicep curls, shoulder press, as well as rows.

The on the internet program also consists of nourishment ideas to assist you drop weight as well as gain muscle mass. The ideas differ from week to week and are supposed to be progressive. Dr. Jaquish spends a lot of time discussing ways to cut out sugar.

The Warranty

The X3 House Fitness center System features the adhering to guarantee:.

  • 5 year bar/foot plate.
  • 1 year bands.
  • 1 year lug case.

All things taken into consideration, I believe this is a quite fair warranty on this product. It’s a lot much better than the easy 30-day money back ensure they utilized to provide.

It would certainly behave (and also wonderful for marketing) to see a lifetime service warranty on the bar, yet that’s probably a little impractical.

And also a year on the bands is pretty fair- regardless of how durable they are, all resistance bands will eventually break down gradually.

Generally, I think this is a pretty good guarantee for the X3.

The Price

Speaking of price, the X3 bar system isn’t cheap. Real cost will differ a little depending on promos and sales, but anticipate to pay concerning $500 for this system.

For a resistance band system, this a steep asking price. That claimed, the X3 is a whole lot larger responsibility than many resistance bands on the market.

Really, I’ll be sincere as well as claim I have actually never ever seen resistance bands that can provide even more resistance than these. Bench is high-quality also- heavier duty than a lot of the competition.

The Claims

I discussed in my introduction that the advertising for the X3 made some pretty remarkable insurance claims. Below are a few of the insurance claims found on the X3 internet site:.

Gain muscle mass 3x much faster than standard weight lifting- they are pricing quote a study done on college professional athletes that showed combining elastic resistance with free weights boosted toughness faster than with barbells alone. This holds true based upon the searchings for from this research done on elite professional athletes, yet the problem I have with it is that the elastic resistance in this instance was added to the standard weights (weights). The X3 doesn’t utilize exercising weights whatsoever, it is purely elastic. It’s a genuine stretch (pun planned) to apply these searchings for to the X3 system.

X3 will certainly help you generate even more development hormone and testosterone- this is based upon a research that showed variable resistance exercises increased the degrees of testosterone, growth hormone, and cortisol much more so than a constant resistance set up. Once more, my only problem is that in the research study it sounds like they are including rubber bands to a barbell established, which is various than the X3.

All you require is 10 min/day as well as no cardio- the developers of the X3 tell us that we only need to exercise 10 minutes a day with this item to reduce weight and three-way our toughness. There’s no research behind the 10 minutes insurance claim and also although it’s certainly far better than no stamina training, for modest to knowledgeable lifters I doubt it’ll suffice. The site doesn’t explicitly claim that you shouldn’t do cardio, however it does market tees with the motto: “No weights, no cardio, simply X3”. I believe cardio is just as (if not much more so) vital than toughness training for total health.


  • 12-week online fitness plan included
  • Portable, easy to take the X3 on the road
  • Fair warranty
  • High quality bar, sturdy enough to handle high loads
  • 4 extra strong resistance bands included, capable of providing 100’s of pounds worth of resistance
  • Included footplate makes certain exercises more comfortable


  • Price
  • Some exercises difficult or uncomfortable to perform

Final Thoughts

Although their internet site invests a lot of time trying to offer us on just how state-of-the-art this product is, to me it’s simply a quality resistance band system. Absolutely nothing more, absolutely nothing less.

All the talk about just how the X3 is state-of-the-art variable resistance training at its ideal is just that- talk. It’s good marketing made to offer this product. I can not buy into the research study they estimate due to the fact that the training techniques in those experiments where different than the X3 system.

I in fact want they would withdraw a little with all these insurance claims due to the fact that the X3 Residence Health club System is actually a really good product.

It’s a mobile resistance band set designed for heavy lifting. Bench and also bands are incredible. The rate is high, however if it can stop you from needing to pay a health club membership or purchase a bigger home fitness center it may deserve it.

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