What do you get when you combine a set of hi-tech resistance bands with an easy to use, instructor-led fitness application? The response is Hyfit’s Equipment 1 Smart House Fitness Center System.

I was lucky sufficient to get my hands on the Gear 1 for an examination drive and also I need to claim- this point works.

I was pleasantly amazed by both the quality of the bands and also exactly how enjoyable and easy the app is to utilize. I was additionally thrilled by the large collection of workouts as well as workouts offered through the application.

Long-story-short: I think Hyfit has a victor here.

If you’re searching for an economical, portable strength training system that can use all the exercise range you can deal with, the Gear 1 is a smart choice.

However like whatever else in life, Equipment 1 isn’t best.

In this testimonial, I’ll go over everything this house health club has to use, including all the advantages and disadvantages I encountered initial hand with my own experience.

After reading, you’ll know every little thing you need to in order to decide whether or not Hyfit’s Equipment 1 is a great suitable for your residence health club.

Please note: The excellent individuals at Hyfit were kind adequate to send me an Equipment 1 system to utilize for this evaluation. This evaluation is based completely on my personal experience as well as I wasn’t compensated in differently.

The Hyfit Gear 1 Home Gym System

I hadn’t heard of Hyfit prior to they reached out to me for this testimonial- I hadn’t seen any commercials or advertising products from them or anything like that.

I get the impression they’re a fairly new company, yet based on the quality of their Equipment 1, I would bet they’re here to remain.

At the time of composing this testimonial, the Gear 1 system is the only item they supply (although it wouldn’t surprise me if they broadened their schedule in the future).

I’ll go into even more information below, but in case you’re not precisely certain what the Equipment 1 is, it’s truly just a collection of resistance bands and a physical fitness app.

“Big deal” you could think.

Resistance bands are a superabundant nowadays and there are tons of physical fitness applications to select from, so what (if anything) establishes Hyfit in addition to the remainder?

Well, as they state, the devil remains in the details.

Speaking of which, I assume the simplest means for me to arrange this evaluation is if I break it up as well as discuss each element independently.

Let’s begin with one of the most necessary part to the Gear 1, which is undoubtedly the collection of resistance bands.


  • Data tracking
  • Instructor-led workouts
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Fair warranty
  • Fair price
  • High quality bands
  • Adjustable resistance
  • High quality accessories
  • Door and portable anchors included
  • Large variety of exercises available
  • Bluetooth enabled to pair with app


  • Resistance a bit light for some exercises
  • App could use more workouts to choose from

Resistance Bands

Over I was happily discussing what, if anything, sets Hyfit’s resistance bands apart from every other band you’ve ever before seen prior to.

Well, a number of things.

I can state without exaggeration, that these are the nicest resistance bands I have actually ever before utilized.

With the Gear 1, you obtain a pair of black, tube resistance bands. The bands themselves appear to be of really high quality, yet unlike every other band I’ve ever before seen, these bands are equipped with bluetooth innovation.

There’s a smart sensor at one end of each band (PS- this is completion you attach to the support) that synchronizes with their physical fitness app.

This sensing unit enables the app to track all kinds of metrics as well as information regarding what you’re finishing with each band (each band has its very own sensor, so you’ll obtain details from each one).

I’ll look at the data the app tracks in even more information down below, however what I actually such as is that the sensor measures just how much resistance the band is giving in real time.

Resistance bands supply variable resistance, meaning the actual “weight” that you’re working against changes throughout the activity.

As the band obtains stretched farther, you feel much more resistance.

This makes it difficult to estimate the weight matching of what you’re working against with traditional bands, however the Gear 1 shows you as well as records it in real time via the application.

I located this to be an extremely amazing feature.

I likewise want to explain that it was truly easy to attach the bands to the app. After I downloaded and install the app as well as got it running, I just merely pushed the little button on the side of each sensing unit and my phone discovered them right away.

So, the bluetooth sensing unit in each resistance band is a game changer for certain, yet these bands additionally have another thing I have actually never seen prior to- the alternative to change the resistance.

As well as I’m not discussing readjusting the band by stepping farther away from your support factor.

No, there’s a slide insurance adjuster on each band that permits you to adjust the resistance.

It functions by basically changing the length of the band without you needing to step farther away.

As you move the insurance adjuster up the band, it doubles the band up, that makes it much shorter.

This is an amazing attribute and also in theory it appears terrific- but I did have a few concerns with it.

Well, I presume I only had one concern with it- I desire it given more resistance.

Each band can supply anywhere between 5– 28 lb, relying on just how much it’s stretched. Despite having the adjuster slid up for max resistance, you can’t obtain more than 28 pound from a single band.

I discovered that the adjuster will certainly move down the band (making it less complicated) if I used greater than 28 lb of pressure to the band.

This was a little frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a TON of exercises you can do with this system where 28 lb is ample resistance (this was more than noticeable when I tried to do stood up to mountain climbers …).

However, for me, I was looking for a little much more when doing exercises like rows, chest press, as well as bicep swirls.

With a max result of 28 pound, I would take into consideration these bands to be in the light to tool grade range, in terms of resistance.

I have not attempted this yet, but as I create this it occurs to be that I should have the ability to double the bands up on a single handle to perform solitary extremity moves versus even more resistance …

Anyhow, my largest problem about the Equipment 1 would be that it would certainly be nice if the bands could give more resistance.

Or else, I assume they’re excellent. The bluetooth functions flawlessly as well as I think the capacity to readjust each band’s resistance (without transforming distance) is dazzling.

In the future, I wish Hyfit brings out extra wise bands at higher resistance degrees (I do not see why they would not).


I’m really satisfied with the quality of the resistance bands, however I’m equally impressed with the top quality of the accessories that are consisted of.

With the pair of resistance bands, you also obtain:.

  • 2 manages.
  • 2 wrist cuffs.
  • 2 ankle cuffs.
  • Door support.
  • Portable anchor (twists around stationary items).
  • Charger.
  • Luggage.

The deals with that come with the Gear 1 are remarkable. They feel precisely like the high-end deals with that came with my TRX and also I love it.

The standard handles are great, yet the incorporation of the wrist and also ankle cuffs actually enable you to take your workouts to undiscovered territories.

With these cuffs, you can secure the bands to yourself, turning pretty much any kind of kind of stretching/yoga/pilates relocate right into a stood up to workout.

I discussed the resistance mountain climbers previously- I did this with the bands secured on a door (near the flooring) and attached to the ankle joint cuffs.

It was ruthless.

Not just did I feel it in my hip flexors, however a lot more core got on fire after a couple of reps on each side.

Speaking of which, I think the Equipment 1 is quite possibly furnished for core fortifying actions. And with these sorts of relocations, you won’t need a lot of resistance.

It’s reasonable that Hyfit highlights the originality of their bands, however honestly, I think the ankle/wrist cuffs are almost as great.

I might see using this system merely for the fact of just how much workout selection the cuffs give- bluetooth or not.

Moving on, the door support is high quality too. It’s big, so you won’t have to stress over it eloping accidentally (similar to TRX’s).

I also such as that they consist of a little door handle wall mount you can place on your door, alerting member of the family not to open during usage.

The mobile support enables you to take your Gear 1 outdoors, offering you a great deal of choices as to where you use it. Presently, my wife has ours secured in our garage around a shelf article.

The battery charger (mini USB) and luggage are great as well- I haven’t needed to make use of either yet.

In general, Hyfit put a lot of attention to information in their devices and also it reveals. All of the cuffs and also deals with are high-end and comfortable to use.

The App

The Hyfit app is free to download and install and easy to use. The bluetooth connection from each band was very easy to make, so as soon as I obtained the order number from Hyfit, it didn’t take long to obtain the application up and running.

One concern that must turn up quickly is whether or not Hyfit is a paid membership program- the way I understand it is that it essentially is.

You have 2 alternatives when you purchase- you can do an one time repayment of $199, which obtains you 18 months of subscription consisted of or you can place absolutely nothing down and also pay $15/month for a year dedication.

Just how much does the subscription price after your initial 18 months?

I’m guessing $15/month, yet I do not recognize for sure.

The app itself is pretty wonderful though.

I such as just how its arranged- it’s really easy to browse.

From the residence screen, you can choose in between “programs”, “workouts” or “exercises”.

The programs include a number of exercises and are made to be done over longer time periods (21 days as an example).

There are 5 approximately to pick from at the time of creating this as well as they consist of things like strength, HIIT & Cardio, and weight loss.

The exercises section contains all the specific exercises that belong to the programs. At the time of composing this, there are most likely a couple of dozen to choose from.

The exercises section has brief videos showing specific workouts and they’re organized by body component. Writing this, there are most likely 50 or so to pick from.

Every one of the workouts/exercises are arranged as instructor-led video clips. The quality of the video clips are excellent and also the trainers certainly recognize what they’re doing.

Besides obtaining access to all of the exercises, subscription to the app also enables you to track all of the workout information the sensing units in the bands are tracking.

The application tracks a great deal of various metrics- I have not been able to discover the 25 metrics that Hyfit reports on their website, however there are a lot.

Throughout an exercise video, you’ll see the complying with metrics in real time: calories, max weight, total associates, speed, and also power.

When you click on your data tab, you’ll discover additional metrics like: total time spent, workouts finished, total rest duration, complete representatives, overall weight, ordinary weight, typical rate, complete calories, as well as total power.

The app likewise supplies an ongoing tab for the amount of exercises you’ve done for each body component- quite awesome.

Until now, I’ve found the calorie counter to be less than accurate.

Calorie burning statistics are usually over estimated on all fitness makers, however according to the Hyfit application, I shed like 8 calories doing 10 simple rows.

I want I was shedding those sort of calories.

Calorie over quotes aside, I’ve located the Hyfit application to be actually easy to use. The workouts they have are effective and it’s fun to see your statistics throughout.

I would assume they’re mosting likely to proceed including new content, as well as I hope they do- now their library is a lot smaller than the other big names in the physical fitness application globe.


Hyfit provides the following service warranty on the Equipment 1 system:.

  • 1 year hardware as well as components.

The means I comprehend it, this guarantee covers every little thing- the bands, the accessories, and the sensing units.

I believe this is a quite fair service warranty for this product. Resistance bands, despite exactly how good they are, are going to break down with time and also use- that’s just a reality.

Understanding this, (as well as taking into consideration the price) I assume a year is a fair warranty.

Final Thoughts

That about does it for Hyfit’s Gear 1.

I wish to thank Hyfit for offering me the chance to attempt their home health club system out- I have actually enjoyed it so far and also I intend on remaining to make it a part of my fitness regimen.

Generally, I think this is a truly great resistance band system. It’s conveniently the highest-tech, nicest band set I have actually ever before used prior to.

When I think about it, the Equipment 1 makes me think about what you ‘d obtain if you combined a collection of bands with a TRX. Like the TRX, you can utilize these bands anywhere with the door as well as mobile anchors.

And the high quality of the takes care of advises me of TRX.

However unlike TRX, Equipment 1 couple with an application and tracks all of your exercise data for you as well as stores it in a very easy to read format.

And I’ll claim it again- anchoring the bands to on your own with the ankle joint and wrist cuffs is a game-changer, especially when it involves core workouts.

All things thought about, I assume the Equipment 1 has a great deal going for it- the high quality of the system is high and I assume it’s priced rather.

My biggest grievance would certainly be that I wish the bands were capable of offering much more resistance, yet I believe that’s something Hyfit can easily remedy with the alternative to buy additional bands individually.

If you’re seeking an inexpensive residence fitness center system that’s very easy to take a trip with, Hyfit’s Gear 1 is a clever option. Recommended.

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