The Transformation is the newest and also most costly home gym in the Bowflex lineup. For this gym, Bowflex switched things up entirely and also abandoned their patented power rod resistance system utilized in every other gym they make.

I know, I know- I never thought I ‘d see the day. Taking its location is the space-aged resistance system referred to as “SpiraFlex”.

The inquiry is however, can the Transformation, with it’s new elegant innovation, meet (or exceed) the high criteria we’ve concerned expect from Bowflex products?

Simply put: is the Bowflex Change a smart buy in a market filled with home health club makers?

Does it make sense to spend the extra money in this gym or are the older power pole devices a more secure bet?

My objective for this review is to help you answer these inquiries and also decide whether the Transformation needs to be your following home fitness center.

Let’s begin with the start …


The Revolution is a fantastic name for this equipment incidentally- it’s their very first fitness center that makes use of a new innovation (” revolutionary” layout) AND ALSO the SpiraFlex discs work by spinning (or “rotating”)- get it?

I assume it’s fantastic, really creative. I hope whomever developed this got additional kudos. Anyway, back to organization.

Initially glance, the Bowflex Transformation is an outstanding looking machine. It’s really smooth and resembles something you would certainly find in an industrial gym setting.


  • Solid weight capacity of 300 lb
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Able to quickly switch between exercises with quick change system
  • Seat rail folds up for storage
  • SpiraFlex technology provides consistent resistance without the bulk and weight of free weights
  • Able to perform over 100 different exercises
  • Upgradable resistance up to 300 lb
  • All necessary accessories included with purchase
  • Good warranty


  • Large machine, takes workout area of 10′ x 7′ to use
  • Pricey

What In The World Is SpiraFlex?

When I first became aware of the Transformation and their “NASA innovation” I was a little cynical. As you all must be, incidentally, never think anything you’re told up until it’s shown.

Anyhow, I began digging a little and it turns out this modern technology actually was invented for astronauts to work out precede. As someone who enjoys room and also planets and all that jazz, I was instantaneously intrigued to learn exactly how our astronauts stay healthy and balanced on objectives.

Something us non-astronauts may not consider is that it gravity is very important for our well-being, in even more methods than one.

Walking on Earth, where we have gravity pulling us down as well as keeping us linked to the surface places stress through our bones and also muscle mass. This stress compels our bones (and muscle mass) to react by keeping a particular level of mass as well as strength.

Precede, where gravity isn’t using this pressure, astronauts can shed bone mass swiftly. In order to stop this from happening, they started discovering means to exercise against resistance (resistance training).

Thing is, dumbbells do not specifically operate in room- remember the whole no gravity thing?

Long tale short, this great inventor by the name of Paul Francis created a resistance system for NASA that isn’t reliant on gravity to supply the resistance. SpiraFlex is birthed.

The goal was to develop a system that replicated the feel as well as benefit of using free weights however really did not require gravity or the weight (space is limited in space ships). To achieve this, Mr. Francis created discs that utilize elastic bands and also spokes to offer resistance as they transform.

These SpiraFlex discs can be found in different resistances and also can be attached to each other for the collective impact of the resistance- like including more plates to a weights.

Unlike standard resistance bands that supply even more resistance as they are extended further, the SpiraFlex discs are developed to give an uniform resistance throughout the movement, comparable to the feeling of using barbells.

NASA has actually been utilizing this modern technology for the last ten years approximately on the International Spaceport Station.

With the frustrating success of SpiraFlex in celestial spaces, Francis made the smart decision to certify his innovation for use in the newest Bowflex gym, the Revolution.

SpiraFlex Resistance

We just reviewed what this innovation is everything about as well as where it came from, so I don’t intend to duplicate myself here. Instead, I intend to consider just how the Change uses SpiraFlex particularly.

You have 2 choices with the resistance bundle for the Revolution: standard or updated. The conventional SpiraFlex package features 220 pound worth of resistance. These been available in the kind of:

  • 4 x 5 pounds
  • 4 x 10 lbs
  • 4 x 20 lbs
  • 2 x 40 lbs

The upgraded package comes with an additional 80 pounds well worth of SpiraFlex discs for an overall of 300 lb. The additional 80 pounds comes in the kind of 2 added 40 pound discs.

A quick note- 2 of the 5 lb discs are attached to the equipment permanently as well as can not be gotten rid of, so the lowest resistance on the Change is 5 pound.

As residence gyms go, starting with 220 pound well worth of resistance is rather outstanding. Comparing it to classic weight stack house fitness centers, a lot of them feature anywhere between 150– 210 lb standard.

All of the other Bowflex gyms come with 210 lb of power rod resistance criterion, though many models can be upgraded to 410 lb with the acquisition of added power poles.

Bear in mind that the traditional power rods offer a different type of resistance. The power poles really feel more like resistance bands, where the resistance boosts as the pole is stretched throughout the movement.

The SpiraFlex discs are made to give a more consistent resistance throughout the whole movement (resistance at start of action is same to that felt at end).

And also given that the SpiraFlex modern technology is designed to feel even more “genuine” or really feel more like exercising weights, the 220 lb that features it is on the greater end of the standard (in comparison to various other home health clubs on the marketplace).


The Revolution boasts that you can carry out a minimum of 100 different reinforcing workouts on this solitary tool.

Often residence health club brand names will certainly makes claims such as this with little evidence to prove their point- they could reveal you 20-30 different relocations and afterwards leave it approximately your creativity to identify the other 70.

But not Bowflex. In their user manual they walk you with just how to establish the Revolution and perform 101 different workouts (yes, I counted them).

On a side note- I intend to give a shout out to Bowflex for supplying the most effective customer guidebooks I have actually ever seen, not just on this gym however every one of their fitness centers.

Their manuals are comprehensive and also give excellent info on their item, but additionally give insight on just how to set up your workout routines as well as even offer nutrition advice.

The Transformation provides fantastic workout selection. It draws this off by using 2 independent freedom arms that can be changed in 10 different positions, using 170 deg of mobility.

This not just offers a lot of workouts to select from, however it additionally offers you a great deal of flexibility in readjusting each exercise placement to guarantee it fits you appropriately and feels comfy to execute.

This fitness center has a flexible seat as well as a moving seat rail. The moving seat rail is a noteworthy function since it permits you to carry out cardio rowing (like a rowing machine) and leg presses.

The Revolution also includes numerous accessories that will assist you execute much of those included exercises. The accessories consist of:

  • Leg press plate
  • Preacher crinkle attachment
  • Leg press seat back
  • Foot uses
  • Curl/pressdown bar
  • Hand grips

You may have seen there is no lat pulldown bar with this equipment. The style of the 2 independent arms makes a traditional lat pulldown with a bar undoable.

When it involves general workout range, couple of home gyms can take on the Change. The only home fitness centers that can contend as well as possibly provide more range are the Complete Gyms.

The Revolution does flaunt the most versatility of the Bowflex home fitness center lineup.


I mentioned exactly how Bowflex does a fantastic work with their user handbooks. They also do a great work with their assembly guidelines. The guidelines are arranged in an extremely logical method and all of the images are large enough so you can really make sense of what is taking place.

There are additionally bulleted created instructions informing you precisely what to do for each step. They even list out specifically which parts you will be making use of, what hardware (with pictures) you are making use of, as well as what tools are essential for each and every step along the method.

Bowflex also explains carefully the best way to unpack the gym. Basically, these directions are complete and simple to comply with.

Every one of the Allen wrenches you will require are consisted of with the Transformation. You will certainly need to give your very own Philip’s head screwdriver and also 3/4 ″ wrench nonetheless.

Although the instructions are terrific, this is a large maker with a lot of parts. Anticipate to invest 2-4 hrs putting it with each other. It would certainly likewise be convenient to have a 2nd individual aiding.

Make sure you construct the Change where you wish to maintain it. This fitness center weighs 336 lb fully set up. It does have actually transport wheels constructed in to make carrying manageable, but it’s still hefty.

The seat rail does fold for storage space or when it is being moved. This is a great attribute due to the fact that this health club occupies a great deal of area during usage- Bowflex recommends an area of 10 ′ x 7 ′ to make use of securely.


The Change comes with the following guarantee:

  • Ten years machine/parts (consisting of SpiraFlex discs).
  • 90 days labor.

This is a rather decent service warranty for a home health club of this price. Like anything, with time as well as utilize this fitness center will eventually begin to breakdown. I believe ten years on the components is a fair warranty. Labor service warranties are always brief, so 90 days should not be surprising.

Weight Capacity

The Transformation has a max weight ability of 300 pound. This is the same capability as every one of the various other Bowflex residence health clubs.

This is pretty basic for house fitness centers and also should be plenty to suit most individuals around.

That claimed, this is a very durable equipment and also I would certainly anticipate a little higher. The Overall Health club Fit for instance has a weight ability of 450 pound.

Quick Change System

I wanted to mention the quick adjustment system, even though it does not actually apply to this gym. Several of the various other Bowflex health clubs that use power rods come with the quick modification system.

It’s primarily a design function that allows you to switch in between exercises rapidly without having to alter wires.

This is a big deal with the power rod makers since the designs without it (like the PR1000 and also the Blaze) take more time to establish in between workouts.

Switching in between workouts can include re-routing cables and relocating pulley-blocks about, depending upon the workouts you are switching over between. It doesn’t take permanently, however it can take a few mins.

Makers with the quick change system (like the PR3000 and also Xtreme 2 SE) can switch over between workouts in secs because you do not have to re-route any type of cords. You still might have to change a wheel, yet that is easily done.

The Bowflex gyms with this attribute permit you to save a great deal of time with your workout. It is available in particularly helpful if you are attempting to do circuit training or HIIT workouts that include brief pause in between sets.

I’m not sure if the Change counts as having this function or not due to the fact that there aren’t any kind of power rods entailed.

But you can conveniently switch over in between exercises on this gym without having to re-route any type of wires, so technically talking, I guess the Revolution does have the quick change system.

Either way, this fitness center does make it simple to quickly switch between exercises.

Final Thoughts

The Bowflex Transformation is the brand name’s very first house health club to try a new resistance system- SpiraFlex. The NASA modern technology is good enough for astronauts remaining healthy on the International Space System so it should work simply great in a house health club, right?

If you ask me, it looks excellent. The idea of having a resistance system that seems like barbells, but does not occupy as much space or evaluate as much as plates appears wonderful. To address my title concern- yes, this could be the future of house health clubs.

The Change has a great deal to use. The independent flexibility arms supply a lots of exercise convenience, essentially over 100 exercises. It also features 220 lb of resistance, plenty to challenge most of us mortals, yet it is upgradable to 300 lb for added price if you are superhuman.

Assembly isn’t regrettable either and it’s backed up by a solid guarantee. The Transformation is absolutely the best Bowflex health club to date, yet it isn’t perfect.

One of the most obvious disadvantage is the asking price. There’s no getting around it, the Change isn’t economical.

The various other problem is that it uses up a lot of flooring room- Bowflex recommends a location of 10 ′ x 7 ′ to operate securely, a lot of homes do not have that much area to commit to a gym device. One redeeming variable however, is that it does fold for storage when not in use.

If you do have the allocate it, the Change is the only item of health and fitness devices you’ll require. It gives a full body reinforcing workout along with cardio rowing.

And also being able to switch swiftly in between workouts makes it feasible to do circuit training also.

On the whole, the Change is a very wonderful house gym system. It’s more costly after that Bowflex’s other power rod devices, but it’s certainly an advanced design.

If you have the room and also budget for it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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