Sole’s E55 incorporates the sturdy parts from their higher-end designs with the portable footprint of their more spending plan pleasant version. The outcome is a resilient machine that uses up a great deal much less area than a lot of other ellipticals in its course.

Emphasizes of the E55 consist of a 20 ″ stride length, 20 lb flywheel, and also 20 levels of power adjustable incline. But it also comes with bluetooth speakers, ergonomic foot pedals, as well as an included breast band heart rate screen.

If you’re seeking a premium elliptical exerciser that will suit tight areas, the Sole E55 is a solid choice. But is it the best selection?

To figure this out you’ll need to keep reading.

This testimonial will discuss whatever this elliptical machine has going all out as well as any areas where it’s a little lacking. After reading, you must have a good idea as to whether this is the right elliptical machine for your residence fitness center.

Sole is among my favored residence health and fitness brands. I like them because their items are well developed, basic to make use of, and backed by long service warranties.

Sole specializes in treadmills, bikes, as well as ellipticals. The firm began making treadmills for hotel usage, but their appeal sky rocketed, leading them right into the house physical fitness game.

There are currently 5 designs in their elliptical schedule, varying from the budget plan friendly E25 to their most innovative E95S (that features a power adjustable stride length).

The E55 falls in the middle of the pack, both in regards to cost and functions.

It’s really similar to the E25, but comes with a heavier-duty frame and better guarantee. For a contrast of all Sole ellipticals, take a look at this practical guide.


  • Data tracking
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor included
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • 375 lb weight capacity
  • Great warranty
  • Compact footprint
  • 20″ stride length
  • 10 workout programs
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 20 levels of power adjustable incline
  • Custom designed foot pedals
  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB charging port


  • Flywheel a little light for this price range
  • Assembly can be a little confusing

Stride Length

It makes sense to believe that considering that the E55 is a small elliptical, it would certainly have a smaller sized stride length. Besides, this is true for most of smaller ellipticals out there. Naturally, that isn’t just how Sole functions.

Sole was able to fit a 20 ″ stride length on this maker, matching the stride length of ellipticals that are essentially a foot much longer.

Let me support a sec just to make sure we’re all on the very same web page- stride length describes just how much the pedals move on and also backward throughout usage.

It’s determined in inches. It’s an essential specification to examine due to the fact that it plays a significant duty in exactly how comfortable (or uneasy) you’re mosting likely to be when you use claimed elliptical machine.

The gold standard for quality house ellipticals is 20 ″ because it’s been revealed that machines with a stride length this lengthy can comfortably handle most people.

Finding your comfy stride length depends on your height as well as leg length, along with personal choice. For even more details on stride lengths, have a look at my guide on the topic.

Anyhow, the E55 has a 20 ″ stride length which is impressive for an elliptical machine with such a little impact.

Mentioning foot print, I keep describing just how small this elliptical is. I must possibly be a lot more specific. The E55 takes up a flooring area of 27 ″ x 71 ″ (W x L).

For comparison’s purpose, the normal sized Sole E35 has an impact of 31 ″ x 82 ″ (W x L)- nearly a foot much longer.

The E55 is portable, yes, however that does not imply it provides anything up in the framework department. Rather the contrary. This elliptical machine is developed with the exact same top-quality, sturdy steel that all Sole machines are.

So heavy-duty as a matter of fact that this elliptical considers 214 lb fully set up and also can securely accommodate customers considering as much as 375 lb.

In general, the E55 scores highly with a 20 ″ stride length and portable impact while still maintaining the rugged structure Sole is so enjoyed for.


Flywheel weight is another essential specification to take a look at when contrasting ellipticals. The flywheel is attached to the pedals and also spins as you work out. It, along with the magnetic system, is in charge of creating the resistance you work against.

A lot of (though not all) residence ellipticals use boundary heavy flywheels, similar to the majority of rotate bikes.

As well as like spin bikes, when it concerns elliptical exerciser flywheels, much heavier is thought about much better.

That’s because the additional weight builds more energy as it spins, producing a smoother feel. As the energy develops, it assists the pedals keep moving in between pedal strokes, reducing any unwanted lag or awkwardness.

The E55 features a 20 lb flywheel, which is commendable, yet a little light for an elliptical in this rate range.

When you consider flywheel weights, 20 lb is sort of the cutoff of what is heavy enough to make sure a smooth ride. This guideline isn’t written in stone, but if you have a flywheel that evaluates 20 pound or even more, the odds that it’s mosting likely to operate efficiently are higher.

So this elliptical exerciser does satisfy this requirements, but just barely.

I would like to see a 25 lb or perhaps 30 pound flywheel on an elliptical exerciser in this price range. There are a lot of even more budget friendly ellipticals loading more muscular tissue.

I’m thinking Sole kept the flywheel a little lighter to make this model a lot more mobile, easier to move. It goes together with the smaller structure.

The E55 does feature 20 levels of magnetic resistance as well as 20 slope degrees though, giving you a great deal of control over the strength of your exercises.

The slope levels not only make your workouts harder, but they likewise enable you to target different muscle mass teams. This includes even more variety to your workouts too, which is always a good idea.

Overall, the E55 is adequate in the flywheel department. At 20 pound, it’s possibly heavy sufficient to get the job done, however it would certainly be nice if it was a little larger. This elliptical exerciser ratings highly with 20 degrees of resistance and 20 levels of power adjustable incline.


The Sole E55 includes the complying with functions:

10 workout programs- Sole does not pack their gaming consoles with a lot of nonessential workout programs you’ll never utilize. Instead, they provide you the essentials, which is plenty to get the job done. Workouts include 6 conventional alternatives (fat shed, cardio, etc), 2 heart rate based options, and also 2 custom user exercises (where you reach produce and conserve your own).

Custom-made designed pedals- Sole parters with a physical therapist to aid make the pedals for all of their ellipticals. The result is a huge (15 ″) pedal with a 2 ° inward incline, in an effort to decrease any unwanted discomfort in your feet and ankles. You can likewise adjust the relaxing placement of each pedal for included comfort.

Multi-grip handlebars- the huge handlebars permit a number of different grasp alternatives. This allows you to target various top body muscle mass relying on your grip. It likewise guarantees you can locate a comfortable position to work out in. You can likewise readjust the resistance as well as incline degrees from the relocating handlebars.

Bluetooth audio speakers- sync up with the built-in audio speakers wirelessly as well as appreciate your preferred music from your phone or tablet during your workouts.

USB billing port- you will not need to worry about your phone dying on you during your workout, since you can hook it approximately the included USB port and maintain it billed.

Information tracking via apps- if you enjoy physical fitness tracking, you can download the free Sole application as well as keep track of all your workout details. The E55 is also suitable with a number of other preferred fitness apps (Fitbit, Apple Wellness, Document, Mapmyrun).

Upper body strap heart rate monitor- this elliptical works with cordless heart rate screens and also even includes a chest strap to guarantee you can get accurate readings during your workouts.

Integrated tablet owner- the built-in tablet computer holder is comfortably situated above the console, so you will not need to stress over blocking your sight of the LCD display when enjoying Netflix or reviewing a publication.

Cooling follower- there’s a follower consisted of in the console to assist maintain you comfy throughout your workouts.


I love Sole and their fitness machines are incredible, however their assembly guidebooks could make use of some work. As well as this goes with all their elliptical machine guidebooks since the process is basically the same for every one of them.

The greatest trouble is that they cram the whole procedure into 4 actions, with each step really having like 8 actions within it.

The result is there’s excessive taking place in each picture (particularly with the last step where you affix all of the plastic components).

I additionally don’t like that the created directions as well as images are on separate pages. It would certainly be more convenient if the directions and also pictures got on the same web page. You know, next to each other so you might reference the photo as you read the directions.

If the manual was organized a little better I think it would certainly make the assembly process much easier. The real process isn’t that challenging, but the handbook can be a little complex.

The good news is, you can access assembly vides on youtube I think.

Every one of the devices essential for the job are included.

Generally, most people need to have the ability to finish the job themselves. I ‘d anticipate to spend a number of hrs doing the job.


The Sole E55 includes the complying with service warranty:

  • Life time framework
  • 5 years components
  • 5 years electronics
  • 2 years labor

This is a wonderful guarantee from head to toe. You can not defeat life time on the structure as well as 5 years on all components is equally as generous. The 2 year labor warranty is also longer than the 1 year most brand names provide.

Sole supplies this very same awesome assurance on all of their ellipticals, with the exception of their most spending plan pleasant E25 (just 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor).

Final Thoughts

I think the E55 is a good elliptical exerciser with some excellent specs- given the Sole name, I would certainly anticipate nothing less. For a compact elliptical, it’s loading a longer stride length than you would certainly anticipate as well as a tough frame.

At 20 pound, the flywheel is of adequate weight to offer a smooth experience, but advanced users might like a larger flywheel.

The other attributes, in addition to the guarantee are all remarkable as well as appealing requirement for Sole ellipticals.

Overall, I assume the E55 is a fine device, but I’m not exactly sure how it truly fits in with the remainder of the lineup.

I state this, since as I was contrasting all the specifications, I discovered that the E25 is actually a little bit much more portable than the E55 is (24 ″ x 70 ″). I additionally saw that both models have the very same flywheel and same variety of incline degrees.

The only genuine distinction I see in between the E25 and also the E55 is that the E55 has a slightly greater weight restriction of 375 pound (contrasted to 350 pound) as well as the better warranty.

So, the question you need to ask on your own is, is the E55 worth an extra $500 just for an additional 25 lb on weight capability as well as 2 years on components?

Personally, I would certainly say no.

If you’re searching for a portable elliptical, I think the E25 is a far better buy. If you aren’t searching for a small elliptical, it makes good sense to select the similarly priced E35 for its larger flywheel (25 pound).

In either case, I don’t see much reason to choose the E55 over these various other models (unless you need a small elliptical exerciser and also evaluate over 350 lb).

So, to wrap things up: the E55 is a great portable elliptical, but for the cost, there are far better choices within the Sole lineup.

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