The Lumen Metabolism Tracker is a tiny gadget that may remind you a little of a breathalyzer, however as opposed to informing you whether you’re risk-free to drive or not, it provides you a suggestion of what type of gas your body is melting for energy.

The concept behind it being that if you recognize what your body is making use of for energy, you can make use of that details to assist you change your eating habits in order to reach objectives like slimming down, improving sports performance, enhancing energy degrees, etc

. I’ve got ta be truthful- I’ve never heard of a metabolic process tracker in the past, however when the excellent individuals at Lumen supplied to send me one to check out, I figured (if absolutely nothing else) it would be academic.

And after using the Lumen Metabolic process Tracker for a week, I can with confidence claim that it has without a doubt been instructional.

If you’re thinking of buying the Lumen, keep analysis. I’ll review everything you need to recognize, as well as exactly how my hands-on experience with the tool went.

After reading, you’ll have an excellent idea as to whether or not this spiffy looking device is worth investing in.

Please note: Lumen sent me their Metabolic rate Tracker to try and also evaluation. I have not been made up in otherwise. My review is based 100% on my experience utilizing the device.

Lumen connected to me to see if I ‘d join their associate program a while back. I briefly checked it out, thought it looked kinda intriguing, and also chose to sign up for their program.

Then I kinda neglected all about it as well as when together with my daily company.

Well, a couple of months passed and Lumen connected once again seeing if I wish to attempt one out initial hand for a review.

Viewing as I had forgotten about enrolling in the program to start with, I needed to look Lumen up again to see what this “metabolism tracker” was once again.

And, to be brutally straightforward, I assumed it seemed amazing yet kinda resembled a waste of time- however hey, if they want to send me one, why not try it out right?

Well, long-story-short, I’m glad I made a decision to try due to the fact that I think the Lumen is rather awesome. It’s easy to use and I find the information it supplies handy.

But before we dive-in unfathomable, I want to support a little and also see to it everyone knows what this thing is expected to do to begin with.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Sleek design
  • Fair price
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • Gives you a measurement based on how many carbs your body is burning
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Personalized daily diet plans based on macronutrients and your goals
  • Great app
  • Informational guides, meal ideas, serving suggestions


  • Difficult to cross reference how accurate readings are

How Does The Lumen Work?

Ok, so the Lumen is a metabolism tracker, which indicates that this little device is made to tell you what your body is burning (or metabolizing) for power.

Our bodies have 3 potential resources of power: carbs, fat, as well as in severe circumstances (like starvation), protein.

Our bodies do not like to melt healthy protein for power, and also as long as you’re eating frequently, it’s unusual that your body would need to burn much protein for fuel- but if you’re not eating frequently, or fasting for extended periods, your body can melt the proteins located in skeletal muscle as a source of energy (causing loss of muscular tissue mass).

However most of us will be shedding a combination of carbohydrates and also fats throughout the day.

And also the Lumen can provide you an idea regarding how much carbohydrates or fat your body is currently shedding when you use it.

Why would you wish to know what fuel source your body is making use of? That’s a fair concern- and one I’m unsure I could’ve adequately addressed before utilizing this gadget.

But now I know this info can be very helpful for individuals attempting to reduce weight. In order for us to lose weight, we need to obtain our bodies to melt fat (which is actually stored calories).

Our bodies want to burn carbs for gas when there’s an ample supply of them floating around in the blood stream. In order to shift our bodies right into a state of fat burning, we need to manage the quantity of carbs in our system.

There are different means of doing this, primarily with diet and exercise.

Consuming less carbs to begin with will certainly quicken the change from burning carbohydrates to fat. Exercising will create your body to burn those carbs in your system faster, which can result in the shift to weight loss too.

Reasonably, our metabolic rates are a great deal much more complicated than this and our bodies are constantly burning transforming combinations of carbohydrates and also fats throughout the day.

However, for the benefit of simpleness, this is essentially how it functions.

So, the idea is that if you know what kind of fuel your body is burning, you can readjust your eating and also workout behaviors around it to maximize your gains.

As well as this is precisely what the Lumen does.

The Lumen prices your body’s metabolic activity on a range from 1 to 5, with 1 significance your body is burning almost entirely fats as well as 5 indicating your body is burning mostly carbohydrates (and also 3 being a rather equivalent combination of the 2).

Based upon this details, you adjust your daily consumption of carbs, fats, and also healthy protein.

Oh, I need to’ve most likely pointed out that the Lumen works by determining the O2 and CARBON DIOXIDE concentrations in your breath- you breathe in totally through the tool, hold your breath for 10 sec, and afterwards do a regulated exhale through the tool.

You need to do 2-3 breaths for each and every dimension and also it takes a little method to get it right. The app does a great task of mentoring you through it as well as they use some useful aesthetic aides to make sure you get the breaths right.

I’m not mosting likely to pretend I recognize all the scientific research behind how the Lumen can identify what your metabolic rate is doing based upon the CARBON DIOXIDE focus in your breath, nevertheless, it’s been a loooong time considering that my workout physiology course.

All I can state is that this gadget has the ability to approximate your respiratory quotient (RQ) based on the portion of CARBON DIOXIDE your body utilizes when contrasted to the area air you breathe in.

Having even more CARBON DIOXIDE present in your exhale is indicative of even more carbohydrates being shed; much less CO2 indicates more fat being burned.

The science behind this method has actually been around for a very long time- however you needed to go to a workout physiology laboratory for more advanced testing to obtain the results.

Lumen puts this innovation in the palm of your hand, where you can utilize it in the convenience of your home.

So, Lumen recommends you to test your breath each morning prior to you eat. This is a time that most of us have been not eating for an extended period (as we sleep) and also it gives you a concept of what your standard metabolism is doing.

If your objective is to drop weight (you can have other objectives as well), you want your body to be shedding fat in the morning before you consume anything.

Well, turns out what you ate the other day is mosting likely to play a big duty in what your body is doing this early morning.

For instance: if you had a carb hefty day yesterday, probabilities are your body will certainly be burning more carbs (instead of fat) this morning. This will depend a whole lot on your activity level as well, however the more carbohydrates you eat, the much less fat your body is most likely to burn.

Ok, this makes sense. Besides, low carb diet plans have actually been a hot topic for a long period of time currently. Yet the Lumen doesn’t simply tell you to eat much less carbohydrates (or if you ate way too many carbohydrates the other day).

No, the Lumen application really takes your analysis as well as establishes a tailored diet regimen prepare for your day based on your metabolic level (as well as your goal).

And this diet plan is based on the macronutrients- carbs, fat, and also healthy protein.

Based on your information that you place in when you join, the Lumen app tells you specifically how many grams of each macronutrient you ought to consume daily to reach your objective.

If you’re trying to slim down (which is the goal I chose), the Lumen is mosting likely to change your diet plan to help you do that, based on what your metabolic degree is.

The other day my bros came by and we ate a great deal of Chinese food, consumed alcohol a great deal of beers, and also enjoyed a few horror motion pictures- altogether, it was a fun evening.

However I could nearly sense the disappointment in my Lumen when I determined a 5 today (indicating I was shedding almost totally carbs).

This makes sense based on what I ate and drank last night.

Well, in order to get me melting much more fat, Lumen suggested that I have a reduced carbohydrate day- meaning I limit my carb portions to 5 and get every one of my various other calories from fat and also protein.

The app especially told me the number of grams of each macro I ought to ingest (75g carbohydrates, 186g fat, 154g healthy protein) based upon my dimension and also activity degree.

By the way, the Lumen app is fantastic. It has some remarkable informational overviews on healthy and balanced resources of all the macros along with what a serving dimension of each resemble (with genuine examples of food).

They additionally offer you terrific dish suggestions using low carb as well as mixed carb diet regimens.

Which reminds me, I had no suggestion exactly how tiny a carb serving is supposed to be (and also 75 g of carbohydrates for a whole day isn’t much- the very first day I began checking out carbohydrates in foods I understood the 2 little blueberry muffins I had with breakfast where all the carbohydrates I was permitted the whole day).

It goes without saying, I don’t do well with low-carb diet plans.

The app likewise asks you to put in what sort of exercises you do as well as how often you do them. It additionally tracks your rest timetable in order to see the length of time you’re fasting overnight.

The app likewise tracks your metabolic degrees gradually, which is essential in establishing your “metabolic adaptability” or how proficient your body is in changing between metabolic states (with more adaptable being a good thing).

We desire our bodies to be able to switch over between burning carbohydrates and fat effectively, so we can consume a well balanced diet regimen as well as preserve a healthy and balanced weight.

Ok, to sum up- you breath in the Lumen each early morning to obtain a suggestion of what sort of fuel (carbs or fat) your body is shedding in real time- based upon this, Lumen supplies you with a diet plan for the day, including precise amounts of each macronutrient you ought to attempt to eat. Your metabolic degree is given on a 1-5 scale and is determined by the quantity of CO2 your body is producing.

But Is The Lumen Accurate?

Reviewing how the Lumen works is a rather simple conversation- I could’ve babbled on a bit there, yet I hope you obtain the idea of it.

Figuring out exactly how precise this point is though, is a bit harder.

As well as this is due to the fact that I have no other way of determining my metabolic rate to contrast it against.

Now Lumen records that they’ve done “validation researches”, and also you can see the outcomes of them right here.

Generally, they reveal that the Lumen was identified to be accurate when contrasted to the “gold requirement” respiratory currency exchange rate measured with a standard metabolic cart.

What I can tell you is that the analyses I obtain make sense based upon my diet plan. When I consume a lot of carbohydrates the day in the past, the Lumen rates me a 5 the following early morning.

When I consume fewer carbs, I rank reduced the next morning (until now my ideal rating is a 3, yet I’m wishing for a 1-2 tomorrow because I have actually purely seen my carb intake today).

I neglected to discuss it above, yet the Lumen additionally advises that you assess your breath before and after exercises to see how your metabolism readjusts.

I’ve done this a few times after running as well as I’ve seen an extreme adjustment in my level. I ran 3 miles today and also I dropped from a 5 to a 1- talk about inspiration.

Seeing that my body was shedding fat for gas after my exercise, I decided to miss morning meal and make the most of it. I had a rather healthy lunch (turkey sandwich on wheat, tiny serving of Pringles, a banana, and also a Diet Regimen Coke) as well as an extremely reduced carbohydrate dinner.

Again, I eagerly anticipate seeing what my level is tomorrow morning, but I anticipate it to be in the 1-2 range.

I read an additional individual’s review of the Lumen as well as they complained that their readings really did not appear to have any correlation with their diet regimen. Obviously they would get the exact same level despite whether they ate or not ate.

Personally, I have not had this concern. My metabolic levels alter fairly considerably based on my diet regimen as well as whether or not I exercise.

As well as their diet intends change based on what your degree is- when I determined a 3, my everyday diet regimen plan consisted of more carbs.

I even attempted existing some on the day-to-day questions concerning the number of carb servings I ate the day prior to- you know, doing my due diligence for this testimonial- to see if it impacted the metabolic reading Lumen was offering me.

I haven’t seen that it has.

I have actually tried reporting that I have actually consumed less carbs than I actually did as well as even more, and the readings still make sense with what I in fact consumed.

So, although I can’t claim much to just how precise the Lumen gadget is with determing your real metabolic state, I can state that this tool shows up to give regular readings based on my diet plan (and also what I would certainly anticipate based on what I ate).

Final Thoughts

My first impression when I obtained my Lumen in the mail was that this thing sure is sharp looking. Most of us understand that looks can be deceiving, however in this instance, they aren’t.

The Lumen Metabolic rate Tracker is available in a smooth bundle that reminds me of an Apple item and also the tool itself is amazing looking and comfy to make use of.

The app is really instinctive and also fairly easy to use. The Lumen syncs up immediately with your phone (Android and also Apple suitable) with bluetooth, making it straightforward to set up as well as obtain rolling right out of package.

It includes a good charging stand and the Lumen can hold a charge that’ll last a number of days. Mine only truly makes use of concerning 5% of its battery whenever I utilize it- up until now I’ve gone all week on a single charge and I have actually still got about 50% battery left.

All points taken into consideration, I’m happily surprised with the Lumen.

I truly had not been expecting a lot from it as well as I definitely had not been anticipating to appreciate utilizing it. I intended on trying it a couple of times so I could compose this evaluation and then possibly providing it away.

Yet I need to claim I’m impressed.

I appreciate obtaining a day-to-day calculation of what my metabolism is doing and I actually like the customized diet plan plans for each day based on this information.

Obtaining live info on how much carbs your body is melting can really help with diet planning (and I intend on using this information to help me drop a few pounds prior to the vacations).

Personally, I tend to have a tough time with low-carb diet regimens and also I do not typically last very long on them. With the Lumen, I do not have to arbitrarily comply with a reduced carbohydrate diet everyday- I can readjust my carbohydrate intake day-to-day based on my degree.

And seeing that my body is melting much more fat after an exercise (on a vacant belly, fyi) motivates me to workout more frequently.

In general, I assume the Lumen is a creative device that a lot of individuals are going to discover handy. I assume it’s priced relatively for what you obtain as well as the 30 day refund guarantee is a terrific safeguard simply in case you don’t care for it.

In other words, I assume this gadget is definitely worth buying (as well as it would certainly make a fantastic gift for loved ones looking to enter better form). Recommended.

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