The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike is a mid-range spin bike with some instead impressive specs. It’s additionally sporting the Schwinn name, a fact alone that should provide it a specific degree of regard, necessitated or not.

Schwinn’s clearly known worldwide for creating top quality bikes, yet the marketplace is actually filled with likewise priced spin bikes now. There’s a lots of them.

Can the Schwinn IC3 complete in this market with so many alternatives to pick from? Is it a wise purchase for the price? Even the best for the cost?

These are the inquiries I intend on addressing with this evaluation. I also want to show you a few pointers on what to look for when contrasting these bikes so you can make your very own informed decisions.

For additional information on selecting the best cycle, check out my spin bike purchaser’s overview.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn is a tale in the cycling globe, both for roadway as well as exercise bikes. They have actually been around since the late 1800’s as well as were one of the reasons biking came to be so popular to start with.

Stationary bicycle stay their bread and butter these days, but they’ve additionally ventured right into ellipticals as well as treadmills.

At approximately $500, the IC3 falls in the mid-range cost variety and is the upgraded variation of their IC2. Schwinn additionally supplies a higher-end IC4, that is designed to couple with the Peloton streaming application.

Whether you’ve just begun your search or have been seeking a while now, you have actually probably noticed there are A LOT of bikes to select from. And numerous are likewise priced.

The good news in all of this is that with all the competition, costs on these bikes have actually certainly gotten better.

But even if you’re utilizing rate as your main choice maker, you have actually still obtained some work to do because there are a number of affordable spin bikes too, a lot of dropping within the 200 -$ 500 array.

Customer reviews are terrific, but they are subjective as well as every person has their own individual experience, which may or might not be the standard.

I think it is essential to consider this information, however I additionally believe it’s important to choose based on strong, clear-cut facts that can be used to contrast bikes per other on a reasonable basis- the specs.

The adhering to specs are the most essential to consider when selecting a spin bike:

Flywheel Weight

Honestly, I assume a great deal of individuals possibly put too much emphasis on the flywheel weight.

The general agreement is that much heavier is much better (unless you ask the individuals at Keiser) because the energy that develops gives a smoother flight and even more closely looks like the feeling of riding a bike outdoors.

That makes good sense, but I question lots of people can reasonably discriminate in between a 30 lb flywheel and a 40 pound flywheel. Perhaps I’m wrong. Experienced cyclists possibly can.

Anyway, the flywheel weight is something all rotate bikes advertise as well as larger is normally preferred. The weights can vary anywhere from 20-50 lb. I recommend you try to find one a minimum of 30 lb for a smoother experience.

Much heavier flywheels usually indicate higher asking rate, yet nowadays it doesn’t influence the price as much as you would certainly assume. There are a lot of spending plan bikes using 40 pound flywheels and higher (Sunny Health and wellness & Health and fitness for one).


Guarantee is another specification you must constantly think about when looking for a spin bike (or any other piece of physical fitness tools). Service warranties inform us a whole lot about an item and the business offering it.

Consider service warranties as insurance coverage on your acquisition, longer is always better.

Rotate bike service warranties are normally separated into structure, components, and also labor. Mount guarantees ought to be the longest of the 3 and also will certainly vary greatly relying on the rate of your bike. Higher end bikes ought to contend the very least 5 years on the frame and also some will supply lifetime.

When it pertains to components, 3-5 years is remarkable, however a lot of are much more in the 1-3 year array. Labor is always the shortest, with several only lasting 90 days. Greater end models might supply approximately a year or two.

When stuck between 2 bikes, compare the warranty as well as choose the longer one.

Weight Capacity

Higher weight capabilities show a more robust bike- tougher building as well as even more sturdy products. If stuck in between 2 bikes, I suggest opting for the one with the higher weight ability, if there’s a difference.

Weight abilities vary some in between spin bikes. Smaller sized, less costly bikes may have weight limitations in the 220-250 pound range. Larger, higher-end bikes need to be at the very least 300 pound, with some going as high as 350 pound.

Make sure you have some wiggle room with your body weight, you don’t intend to be right at limit of the bikes limitation. I like to have at the very least a 50 lb barrier in between my body weight as well as the devices max restriction.


All spin bike seats are quite standard (and uncomfortable), however the vital thing to think about is how adjustable they are. I suggest you locate a bike that uses fore/aft (straight) changes in addition to elevation modifications.

The extra customizability is mosting likely to make certain you get a comfy fit.

Nowadays, most decent bikes are using this. One of the most budget plan pleasant spin bikes might not.

Some spin bikes additionally have straight changes for the handlebars, although I don’t believe that’s rather as typical as the seat modifications.

The more choices you can adjust the much better in regards to getting a comfortable fit. As well as the a lot more comfy you are when you ride, the most likely you are to ride.

Final Thoughts

Assumptions should be high when thinking about a Schwinn fitness bike. That said, the IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike does not dissatisfy.

With a heavy flywheel, strong frame, and also fully flexible seat/handlebars this model has most definitely earned its way into the discussion for finest spin bike in this price range. It’s likewise takes place to be backed by one of the most effective warranties on the market.

The only disadvantages are that taller individuals may have a hard time getting comfy and there aren’t any kind of preprogrammed workouts. With the media owner though, you can stream exercises from your phone or tablet if you intend to.

To answer my initial concerns- of course, the Schwinn IC3 can certainly compete in a saturated market. It has specifications that are just as good as or much better than many bikes in this rate array.

At about $500, it’s a really clever buy and fairly possibly the best in its course.

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