If you’re looking for a treadmill that is not only durable, but also has the latest features and technology, then the Sole s77 Treadmill might just be what you need. The s77 features a 5.3″ HD display with touch screen capabilities so it’s easier than ever to use your workouts at home. You can even access Facebook while you work out! All of this functionality is contained in an extremely slim design that will fit into any space in your home or office.
The Sole S77 Treadmill offers everything you could ask for from a non-digital workout experience but still provides all of the benefits of exercise equipment when used as intended. This means less time on electronics and more time getting healthy!

The Sole S77 Treadmill – Buying Guides

Sole produces several of the best residence treadmills around- some (like myself) could even say they provide the most effective. I guess it depends upon what you’re trying to find.

If you’re trying to find advanced console functions, like HD display screens or touchscreens, then Sole isn’t your finest choice. They also aren’t the most effective option if you’re trying to find dozens of workouts to pick from.

But if you’re searching for easy-to-use, resilient treadmills that can give commercial quality machines a run for their cash, after that Sole is a clever selection.

They have actually obtained 7 treadmills in their present schedule (including their workdesk treadmill), but you can still discover several of their older models on retail sites like Amazon.

The S77 is among their higher-end versions, with only 2 of their treadmills costing more (the highly popular F85 as well as the business quality TT8).

The S77 is extremely comparable to the F85 in regards to specifications as well as features. The only noticeable difference is that the S77 is doing not have the capability to fold up for storage space.


  • Chest strap heart rate monitor included
  • USB charging port
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Quick touch buttons for speed and incline
  • Backed by amazing warranty
  • 22″ x 60″ running surface
  • 4.0 CHP motor
  • 0.5 – 12 mph
  • 15 levels of power incline
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck shock absorbing system
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • 2.75″ rollers
  • 10.1″ LCD screen
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Data tracking with fitness apps


  • Only 10 workout programs
  • Non-folding deck

Running Surface

A treadmill’s running surface (or belt dimension) explains how much useful room you need to stroll or work on throughout your workouts. It’s a vital specification and also the first thing I constantly check out when taking a look at a new treadmill.

The measurements are determined in inches and typically created as “W x L”. Larger is better since it implies you have even more area throughout your exercises.

Smaller sized users could not see the distinction, but taller joggers will. If a treadmill has a running surface that’s also short, you might find yourself reducing your stride or perhaps having to restrict your max speed as a result of be afraid of stepping off the belt.

Treadmills that are too slim can be equally as uneasy- nobody wants to seem like they’re running on a balance beam.

Neither of these situations must be a concern with the S77 as well as its 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area. The additional large belt offers it an extra large feel and at 60 ″ long, also taller customers will certainly be able to extend completely when going for higher speeds.

The framework doesn’t fold, however it’s solidly built out of high-grade steel, providing a durable base for the treadmill to operate on. Tough adequate for customers weighing approximately 400 lb to make use of securely.

Mentioning durable, the S77 weighs 258 pound fully constructed. This is a huge, large device as well as I indicate that in an excellent way. Having a heavy treadmill is good because it suggests it’s mosting likely to feel extra secure (and also less wobbly) during usage.

There aren’t a lot of distinctions in between the F85 and the S77, however when you look at overall weight, we do see that the more expensive F85 considers practically 50 lb much more (at 301 lb).

A few of this weight is likely due to the hydraulic folding device, yet it’s common for higher-end treadmills to weigh even more as a result of the quality of products utilized.

One last thought on folding vs non-folding treadmills prior to we go on- back in the day, folding treadmills weren’t as hard as the non-folding models- many were cheap and flimsy.

Now however, that isn’t a problem. The technology has actually improved dramatically as well as just because a treadmill folds does not indicate it’s giving up anything in the stability division.

In theory, it would certainly make sense that a non-folding treadmill like the S77 would certainly feel more steady since the structure isn’t created to relocate, yet that isn’t constantly the instance.

I recommend you check out the numbers when comparing folding or non-folding treadmills: weight capabilities and machine weights tell you a lot concerning framework integrity.

Like all Sole treadmills, this design additionally features their patented Cushion Flex Murmur deck shock soaking up modern technology, which has been reported to reduce compression forces by up to as much as 40%.

This is difficult to confirm, yet users do agree the S77 is comfortable to use.

Overall though, the S77 ratings extremely with a huge running surface as well as high weight limit.


When talking performance specifications, running surface is my initial priority, but motor strength is a close secondly. A treadmill electric motor requires to be strong sufficient to sustain daily workouts of all strengths (well, a good treadmill motor anyway).

I doubt you ‘d be stunned to hear that when it comes to motors, stronger is better.

Stronger motors can managing much more difficult workouts (greater speeds, higher inclines, longer periods) much more effectively than weaker motors.

This suggests these electric motors will not have to function as hard to give the same outcome- implying they ought to last much longer, offer smoother operation, and also run more quietly.

Just how strong is solid enough? Rely on you and your exercises.

Smaller sized users and also users who are just walking can manage with weaker electric motors. Bigger customers as well as runners should search for stronger motors.

Much more particularly, I advise joggers seek a minimum of a 3.0 CHP motor.

The S77 includes a 4.0 CHP, DC electric motor. With 4 ponies under the hood, the S77 is packing an effective motor that shouldn’t have any problems getting to and also preserving higher rates.

Mentioning which, this treadmill can reach a max speed of 12 mph (or 5 minutes mile), which is greater than quick enough for a lot of us mortals.

For added difficulty, you can play with the 15 levels of power adjustable slope to mimic running up and also down hills.

The motor on this treadmill is strong, which is fantastic, but I additionally intend to point out that Sole uses 2.75 ″ rollers on this design. The rollers are the parts that reach the belt, moving it down the deck throughout your workout.

Having larger rollers is a good thing, because it produces smoother belt operation, but it also places less stress and anxiety on the rollers and motor.

A lot of residence treadmills utilize rollers less than 2 ″ in size. Higher-end treadmills make use of 2.5 ″– 3 ″ rollers. At 2.75 ″, the S77 is making use of larger rollers than the majority of.

For comparison’s benefit, the TT8 utilizes 3 ″ rollers as well as the F85 additionally utilizes 2.75 ″ rollers.

Overall, the S77 comes with an effective motor and bigger rollers- a fantastic combination when it concerns supplying a smooth workout.


The Sole S77 comes with the adhering to features:

10 exercise programs- all Sole cardio makers come with generally the very same exercise programs, including 6 typical choices (hills, cardio, etc), 2 heart price assisted workouts, as well as 2 personalized choices. Not a lots of exercises to pick from, however sufficient to do the job. Specifically if you like to simply get on and also run.

10.1 ″ LCD display- the display is huge and also brilliant adequate to see plainly during your workouts. Individuals also like that the display screen shows your development along a quarter mile track, which can be handy for determining split times.

Quick touch switches- utilizing the quick touch buttons, you can instantly establish your resistance as well as slope setups. This is available in handy for interval training, where you might be going between different settings quickly.

Bluetooth audio speakers- you can pay attention to your mobile phone wirelessly through the built-in bluetooth audio speakers.

Information tracking- you can additionally use bluetooth to track your workout information on the Sole physical fitness application or one of numerous various other applications the treadmill works with (Fitbit, Record, Apple Health, Mapmyrun).

USB charging port- the integrated USB battery charger makes it simple to bill your gadgets during your workouts, guaranteeing you don’t eliminate your battery paying attention to songs.

Breast strap heart price screen- Sole includes an upper body band screen with acquisition, ensuring you can obtain precise heart price readings during your exercises (which is important if you’re using the heart rate workouts).

Integrated tablet holder- the tablet holder is comfortably located above the console, so you do not need to block your view of the display screen while watching your tablet computer.

Cooling down follower- the cooling fan is a wonderful touch, might help maintain you a bit a lot more comfy throughout your more difficult runs.

Canteen owner- there are a lot of areas for you store not only water bottles, however keys, remotes, or virtually anything else that may need saving throughout your workout (contraband from your youngsters maybe).


The setting up handbook is usually the location where I have the most grievances with Sole items. The photos normally have too much going on at the same time, making it harder to comply with.

That claimed, it appears like Sole has starting making some improvements.

The instructions for the S77 are much easier to comply with than a lot of the assembly handbooks they’ve put out in the past. They’ve split the process up into more steps, so there isn’t as much activity in every one.

This makes it easier to follow.

There are still only 9 steps to survive. The deck comes pre-assembled, so you’re essentially just affixing the console and also console poles to the deck.

Every one of the essential tools are included, though I always choose my own, complete dimension tools, to the tiny combination ones that features these equipments.

On the whole, the setting up process on this treadmill is pretty straightforward. Most sort-of helpful individuals need to have the ability to assemble themselves.

Keep in mind the dimension and also weight of this treadmill though- it’s very suggested that you have a companion readily available to assist, especially when affixing the console in step 4.


The Sole S77 features the complying with guarantee:

  • Lifetime frame
  • Life time electric motor
  • Life time deck
  • 5 year electronics
  • 2 year labor

A treadmill’s warranty is constantly a good indication of its top quality. Nevertheless, these business are practical- they recognize when their products are scrap and aren’t gon na last.

Similar to Sole understands that their treadmills are developed out of high-end products and are created to last a life time.

Sole has a reputation for providing some of the most charitable guarantees on the market as well as their assurance on the S77 doesn’t let down.

You can’t defeat life time on the framework, electric motor, as well as deck. 5 years on the electronics is likewise excellent, especially considering many competitors only offer 2-3 years.

The labor guarantee is better than the majority of also, with 1 year on labor being pretty standard.

On the whole, a fantastic warranty.


The sole s77 treadmill is a top-of-the-line model that will help you stay in shape. If this sounds like something you want, then the next step would be to schedule an appointment with our team of experts at your nearest location for more information and pricing. It’s time to get started on making positive lifestyle changes today!

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