If you’re looking for a business grade elliptical machine that’s cost effectively priced, Sole’s E98 should possibly get on your short list. As Sole’s highest-end model to day, the E98 is a no-BS equipment with a lot to be pleased with.

Emphasizes of this elite house elliptical machine consist of a 20 ″ stride size, a 32 pound flywheel, as well as a sturdy steel frame that can hold users considering as much as 400 pound.

It’s likewise bluetooth friendly and also chest strap heart price display suitable.

And the E98 is backed by among one of the most generous service warranties you’re gon na locate anywhere.

Long-story-short: Sole’s E98 is just one of the toughest, most long lasting residence ellipticals on the marketplace.

If you want the longer tale, keep reading.

In this review, I’ll discuss whatever the E98 does and doesn’t have going for it. After reading this short article, you’ll know everything you need to in order to decide whether or not this is the right elliptical for your home gym.

Off we go.

It’s no secret I’m a large fan of Sole Physical fitness. I like that they’re a no-thrills brand name that emphasizes performance over anything else. I additionally such as that their products are fairly valued and backed by great warranties.

Sole started as a provider of light business quality treadmills to resort chains.

As their popularity grew, it just made good sense that they ‘d branch out to the globe of house health and fitness.

These days, they still make awesome treadmills, however they additionally have other top quality cardio devices to pick from as well.

They offer all the basics you ‘d expect, like exercise bikes as well as ellipticals (duh). They also have a premium rower and a step maker that’s rather sophisticated (the CC81 Cardio Climber).

When it comes to ellipticals, they have actually got 6 to pick from (have a look at my complete Sole Elliptical Overview for extra details on the other models).

The E98 is the highest-end as well as most expensive of the bunch and will certainly cost ya about $2500 on sale (PS– it’s always for sale through Sole).


  • USB charging port
  • Tablet holder
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 400 lb weight limit
  • Great warranty
  • 20″ stride length
  • 32 lb flywheel
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 20 levels of power incline
  • 10.1″ LCD console
  • 10 workout programs
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Fitness app compatible
  • Chest strap compatible


  • Chest strap heart rate monitor not included
  • Assembly manual can be a little confusing

Stride Length

When it concerns treadmills, I always begin with the running surface area because this spec tells you just how much area you’re gon na have throughout your workouts.

For ellipticals, this specification is the stride size.

As you ‘d probably guess, an elliptical’s stride size refers to how much apart the pedals return as well as forth during use.

The stride length will certainly differ from machine to machine, yet the majority of home ellipticals feature stride sizes in between 14– 20 ″. More affordable models have a tendency ahead with smaller stride lengths and vice-versa, although this policy isn’t uncompromising.

Taller folks must take into consideration a model with a stride length closer to 20 ″, since it’s mosting likely to really feel more comfy to make use of- you’ll have the ability to extend even more with each step.

In contrast to a smaller elliptical that makes you seem like you’re jogging in position.

Sole’s E98 includes a 20 ″ stride length, making it a comfortable choice for most individuals (for an extra detailed conversation on stride sizes, check out this article).

So when it pertains to the stride size, the E98 is right where we would certainly expect a premium design to land.

And when it concerns build top quality, this elliptical machine likewise scores very highly with it’s durable steel structure. And when I claim durable, I mean this elliptical machine considers 249 lb put together.

This is large for a home elliptical exerciser (NordicTrack’s Commercial 14.9 considers about 200 lb, just sayin’) and also I suggest that in the very best method.

A larger frame is going to create a more stable base- this suggests much less wobbling and undesirable motion throughout your workouts.

The weight limitation for the E98 is also extremely high at 400 pound- another wonderful indicator as to how durable this device actually is.

Overall, Sole’s E98 scores extremely in this category. It features a lengthy stride length, a heavy-duty framework, and a high weight restriction.


A lot of (not all) house ellipticals utilize a heavy flywheel system to generate the resistance you work against. In these systems, when you pedal, a border heavy flywheel spins.

This flywheel is coupled with a magnetic resistance system. The resistance is boosted or decreased by changing just how close or far away the magnets are from the steel flywheel.

A much heavier flywheel is helpful since it often tends to offer a smoother feel as you pedal.

The added weight develops extra energy, which assists remove any kind of unwanted clumsiness between pedal strokes (the flywheel intends to maintain rotating, which basically assists you keep the pedals moving).

Heavier flywheels can supply more overall resistance as well- makes good sense when you think of it, a 30 pound flywheel will take much more power to relocate than a 15 lb flywheel.

Directly, I take into consideration anything over 20 lb to be a “hefty” flywheel.

With every one of this in mind, the Sole E98 includes a 32 lb flywheel, which is very hefty for a home elliptical exerciser.

A flywheel this heavy will have the ability to offer a smooth pedal activity as well as a considerable exercise, specifically when paired with 20 levels of resistance and 20 slope setups at your disposal.

On the whole, the E98 scores highly in this division too. With a flywheel this heavy, this elliptical is well-equipped to challenge customers of all fitness levels.


The Sole E98 includes the following features:

10.1 ″ LCD gaming console- the display isn’t touchscreen or HD, however it’s large and gently lit, making it simple to check out during your exercises.

10 exercise programs- this elliptical machine does not come with a ton of exercise programs like some, however it includes a lot of options to pick from. These include 5 standard profiles, guidebook, 2 personalized exercises, as well as 2 heart price exercises. There’s additionally a fitness examination.

Bluetooth audio speakers- you can pay attention to your exercise jams wirelessly from your tablet or phone via the integrated bluetooth speakers.

App suitable- you can also utilize bluetooth to attach the elliptical machine to Sole’s complimentary physical fitness app for information tracking. Sole’s application can also sync with other popular health and fitness applications.

Tablet computer holder- the tablet owner lies easily over the console, so you won’t have to stress over obstructing your sight of your exercise stats while making use of a tablet.

USB charging- you can connect you wise gadgets right into the USB billing port to keep your tools charged up during your exercises.

Cooling follower- there’s a follower to assist maintain ya comfy during your more strenuous workouts.

Water bottle owner- this set’s attractive obvious. There’s a big area to save your beverages, along with any other small thing you could require to keep comfortably while exercising (remotes, secrets, phones, etc).


Constructing the E98 shouldn’t be that difficult, although there are a lot of covers and also components that require to be connected. And also as high as I love Sole, I assume they can do a better job with their setting up manuals.

I like that they include a large, to-scale photo for the essential equipment for every action, however I would certainly choose if they split the steps up so that there’s much less going on in each action.

The means it’s arranged, there’s only 4 actions to get this elliptical exerciser up and running.

In reality, those 4 steps could easily be split up into 10 steps.

Especially tip 4- initially glimpse, this step could look a little overwhelming, with all the plastic components that require to be affixed.

My advice would be to take it one at a time and start on one end at the workplace your means to the various other.

Manual organization apart, placing the E98 with each other ought to be rather uncomplicated. Just keep in mind this is a heavy elliptical exerciser, so it might be nice to have another person around to assist.

I would certainly expect to invest 1– 1.5 humans resources getting this elliptical exerciser constructed.


The Sole E98 Elliptical features the following domestic warranty:

  • Life time structure
  • 5 year parts/electronics
  • 2 year labor

This is a fantastic guarantee from top to bottom. You can’t defeat a life time assurance on the frame and 5 years on components is longer than the 2-3 years most brands supply.

The 2 year labor guarantee is 2x as long as the year most rivals use as well.

For the sake of comparison, NordicTrack’s Commercial 14.9 deals ten years on the structure, 2 years on parts, and also a year on labor.

Sole additionally offers a light business warranty on the E98: lifetime framework, 3 year components, 1 year labor.

Overall, guarantees such as this are just one of the reasons Sole has actually come to be so prominent.

Final Thoughts

That about does it for Sole’s E98. I think it’s rather secure to state this is a heavy-duty elliptical from top to bottom. I like that it features such a heavy flywheel as well as the stride length is simply where most users are going to want it.

I likewise such as the high weight limit as well as I enjoy the extended service warranty.

You might have noticed that I compared it to the NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 a few times in the evaluation.

I’m not despising on NordicTrack or anything like that, but the 14.9 is among one of the most preferred ellipticals around, so I wished to highlight how the E98 stacks up.

As well as when it comes to top quality of develop, guarantee, and also overall heavy-dutiness (I’m unsure that’s a real word), the E98 wins each time.

So I believe it’s safe to state the E98 is a fantastic elliptical machine, yet is it the best elliptical for you?

If you’re trying to find an actually durable machine that can handle multiple individuals day in and day, then I would say, yes- it makes sense to invest in the E98.

However if you’re just seeking a wonderful elliptical machine for yourself to utilize, the E98 might be much more elliptical exerciser than ya require.

You might want to conserve yourself some cash money and consider Sole’s E95– the flywheel is a little lighter (27 lb), yet it still includes a 400 pound weight limit and also the exact same great service warranty.

In either case, I do assume the E98 is an outstanding device- you actually can not fail with a Sole.

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