Spirit‘s CT850 is a commercial grade treadmill, there’s actually no navigating that. Not that that’s something to be ashamed of, actually quite the contrary- commercial treadmills are larger, stronger, and much more comfy to utilize.

Simply put, they’re what all of us desire in our house health clubs.

Yet the issue for a lot of us is that these industrial quality treadmills are valued method outside the limits of what our spending plans will certainly permit.

And afterwards there’s the Spirit CT850.

This treadmill not only comes with all the specifications you ‘d anticipate from a commercial design, like the powerful Air Conditioning motor, big running deck, as well as sturdy everything, but it likewise sets you back about half of what you would certainly anticipate it to.

The result is a business treadmill that’s a great deal a lot more approachable for most of us.

That claimed, the CT850 is still far from cheap, so you truly need to do your research before you determine to make a financial investment of this size.

Fortunately, we have actually obtained ya covered.

In this testimonial, I’ll take ya on an up-close-and-personal scenic tour of every little thing the Spirit CT850 needs to offer. After analysis, you must know whether or not this treadmill is the right suitable for your residence gym.

The running surface is always the very first spec I check out when considering a brand-new treadmill. This straightforward dimension will certainly inform you a lot regarding the equipment- and also most importantly, whether it will be comfortable to utilize or otherwise.

Simply to see to it we’re all on the exact same page here, a treadmill’s running surface area refers to exactly how huge the usable surface area of the belt is.

In other words, just how much space you have during your workouts.

When it comes to running surface area, bigger is constantly much better, despite exactly how high or short you might be.

Besides, I have actually never ever heard any person whine regarding a treadmill being “too sizable”.

It holds true, shorter users can be comfy on smaller sized treadmills, however high quality treadmills will commonly feature a running surface of at least 20 ″ x 60 ″ because this dimension can accommodate most individuals with no concerns.

The CT850 easily checks this box with a running surface area of 22 ″ x 60 ″.

The added couple of inches in size gives you a lot of wiggle room to guide side to side throughout your workouts, something I locate myself doing usually.

So you won’t need to stress over stepping of the belt here (unless perhaps you make a decision to choose a run after a couple of too many alcoholic beverages, no judging here).

The dimension of the running surface on this treadmill is excellent, yet the frame itself is quite outstanding too.

The CT850 features a heavy-gauge, dual powder-coated frame that features a max weight capacity of 450 pound. I like to consider the weight limitation as an indicator of exactly how well-built a treadmill is, and also at 450 lb, I would certainly state this one is developed like a proverbial tank.

Mentioning heavy, I like to check out a treadmill’s total weight as another sign as to how secure it’ll be- again, much heavier being much better.

This treadmill weighs 390 pound totally put together, which is about as durable as they come (just keep this in mind when it comes time to relocate this thing).

Generally, Spirit’s CT850 ratings very extremely in the running surface area division. This treadmill is big as well as hefty, creating a really tough base for your workouts.


  • Quick touch speed/incline buttons
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring compatible
  • USB charging port
  • Amazing warranty
  • Great price
  • 22″ x 60″ running surface
  • 4.0 HP AC motor
  • 3″ rollers
  • 450 lb weight capacity
  • Commercial grade belt
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Top incline of 15%
  • Plenty of workouts to choose from (including fitness tests)
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • Simple console
  • Heart rate monitor not included

Running Surface

If the running surface is one of the most important thing to consider on a treadmill, the electric motor is a close to second. It is necessary to have an electric motor that’s solid enough to sustain your workouts for years to come.

Many domestic treadmills featured DC motors that vary in between 1.5– 4.0 HP.

This regulation isn’t written in rock, however I assume it’s a great concept to choose at the very least a 3.0 HP electric motor if you’re intending on doing a great deal of running; weaker electric motors will be enough for walking.

Currently, with this in mind, think about that the CT850 features 4.0 HP Air Conditioner motor.

Not only is the 4.0 high up on our expected variety, yet did you capture that we’re discussing an AC electric motor and not a DC motor?

Yeah, I’m stealthy like that.

A/C electric motors are found on industrial models due to the fact that they run a little bit extra successfully than DC motors. This implies they can compete extensive time periods (hours a day) without over home heating and breaking down.

This makes them terrific for industrial setups where you have several individuals on them for hours a day.

Not just does the CT850 come with an effective, commercial-grade electric motor that can handle extended day-to-day usage, yet it can comfortably reach a max speed of 12 mph in addition to a leading incline of 15%.

The motor here is impressive, however this treadmill likewise features 3 ″ rollers, which is likewise excellent.

A treadmill’s rollers are the components that make contact with the belt, allowing it to glide smoothly over the deck- bigger is better because you get even more get in touch with area with the belt, which makes for smoother procedure.

Bigger rollers also lengthen the life of the belt and also electric motor.

High-end house treadmills generally feature rollers in the 2 ″– 3 ″ array, much less premium designs will certainly come with rollers that are 2 ″ and also below.

At 3 ″, the CT850 comes with very large rollers.

This treadmill likewise includes a thick, 2-ply business quality belt which should really feel comfortable to stroll or run on in addition to be able to stand up to years of use.

Generally, the CT850 includes a really excellent electric motor. It’s additionally a wonderful indicator that the various other components (rollers and belt) are commercial-grade too.


The actual procedure of putting this treadmill together is rather uncomplicated. The deck comes pre-assembled, so you would certainly be in charge of connecting the console uprights as well as the console itself.

It’s rather easy to screw the different pieces together, yet the difficulty will be exactly how hefty every little thing is.

Remember when I claimed this treadmill considers nearly 400 lb completely constructed (my Horizon 7.8 AT only evaluates regarding 330 lb which thing was a genuine bear to move)?

If you acquire the CT850 and also choose assembling yourself, I would certainly recommend contending the very least 3 people around. The hardest part will be moving your treadmill to it’s last destination prior to assembly starts.

But you’ll also need additional hands to hold these components in place as you bolt.

The trickiest component is typically making certain you do not squeeze the console wires when connecting the console- again, having individuals to hold the console while you make links will certainly make it a lot easier.

Taking into consideration the size and weight of this treadmill, I would think about having professionals do the job for ya- it’ll most definitely make your life a great deal easier.

But also for the do-it-yourselfers, it’s practical if you have the muscle mass to relocate this point around.


The Spirit CT850 includes the adhering to features:

White LED console- the console on the CT850 is really standard. This is excellent for those who don’t want to tinker an elegant touchscreen display (and those that desire one can upgrade to the ENT console). Yet also the easy display screen makes it simple to see all exercise metrics.

12 workout programs- this treadmill includes all the common workouts you know with, like handbook, fat melt, hillside, cardio, etc. It additionally features 2 heart price workouts, a personalized exercise, as well as numerous health and fitness examinations to select from (Military, Navy, etc).

Bluetooth- the console is bluetooth compatible, allowing you to connect with fitness applications of your choice. You can also make use of bluetooth to get in touch with a wireless heart price display (one not included though).

Quick touch buttons- these buttons permit you to promptly establish your speed and/or incline without having to toggle through with the up/down switches (an extremely convenient attribute for interval workouts).

USB billing- you can utilize this to keep your phone or tablet computer billed during your exercises.

Follower- the built-in follower may help keep ya little bit more comfortable throughout those more laborious workouts.

Storage space tray- there’s a little tray in the front of the console that could hold remotes, keys, phones, or anything else that may need keeping during an exercise.

Canteen owners- maintain your beverages of option within very easy reach while you get your exercise on.


The Spirit CT850 features the adhering to household guarantee:

  • Life time structure
  • Lifetime motor
  • Life time deck
  • 10 year components
  • 2 year labor

This really is among the very best guarantees I’ve ever seen. There’s no much better than life time on the framework, motor, and also deck- that’s as long as it gets.

And also 10 years on components is unbelievable too, taking into consideration most high-end house versions quit at 5 years.

Also the 2 year labor guarantee is 2x as long as a lot of others.

Overall, an incredible assurance on this treadmill (and also an excellent indication of the quality of this maker).

There’s additionally a commercial service warranty on the CT850: lifetime frame, 5 year motor/deck/parts, as well as 2 year labor.

Final Thoughts

The even more I learn more about Spirit the extra I enjoy them as a health and fitness brand. I such as no-BS physical fitness devices which appears to be their speciality.

When it comes to the CT850, I do not see any type of flaws.

This is a business treadmill from top to bottom that’s priced easily for house usage.

I enjoy the effective Air Conditioning electric motor, the sizable running surface, as well as the incredibly sturdy frame. I also appreciate the large rollers and also thick belt.

And also the warranty Spirit uses can not be beat.

If I needed to whine concerning something (and also I do since this is an evaluation nevertheless), it would be the obsolete console- but that’s an irrelevant imperfection when contrasted to everything this equipment has going all out.

On the whole, if you’re searching for a budget friendly industrial treadmill to include in your home health club, Spirit’s CT850 is like it gets. Highly advised.

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