Teeter’s FreeStep LT3 is an economical recumbent cross instructor developed with convenience in mind. With upgraded pedals, deals with, as well as seat, the LT3 takes Teeter’s preferred LT1 and includes a few more elegant attributes.

The outcome is a low-impact, comfortable workout device that functions flawlessly for individuals who may have throbbing joints or trouble utilizing other types of fitness tools.

It’s additionally probably the nicest recumbent cross trainer under $1000.

If you’re trying to find a risk-free, easy to use physical fitness maker, Teeter’s FreeStep LT3 is an excellent selection. However before you decide, it’s smart to do you due persistance- which’s where I come in.

In this review, I’ll review whatever the LT3 has to supply. We’re talking specs, features, and whatever in between.

I’ll likewise compare it to Teeter’s LT1 to aid you choose whether or not it deserves the additional cash money.

After reading, you should recognize every little thing you require to in order to make the right decision for your home health club. Without further trouble …

The Teeter FreeStep LT3 Recumbent Cross Trainer

You may not be that aware of the Teeter brand name, however they have actually been around for around 40 years now. The family possessed business started back in the very early ’80s as well as have been prospering due to their focus on high quality and also safety and security in their items.

Mr. Teeter, the business’s founder, suffered from chronic pain in the back for several years. After discovering alleviation with inversion tables, he chose to produce his own version to provide to the general public.

After the success of their inversion tables, the brand determined to branch off a little.

Nowadays, they still offer their prominent inversion tables, but they also offer a couple of cardio machines that are reduced effect as well as easy on the joints also.

Their recumbent cross trainers have actually come to be leading vendors since they work surprisingly well for exactly how economical they are.

Presently, they have 2 recumbent cross trainers in their lineup: the LT3 we’re right here to discuss as well as the somewhat cheaper LT1.


  • Adjustable handles
  • Oversized pedals
  • Free fitness app
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Smooth, magnetic resistance system
  • Large, adjustable seat
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Low impact, linear pedal motion


  • No workout programs
  • Warranty could be longer


The LT3 makes use of a magnetic resistance system. This means that as you pedal, there’s a steel flywheel rotating inside the base. There are magnets near this turning flywheel and also changing how away or near they are to the flywheel modifications your resistance.

As you revolve the resistance handle to increase the resistance, the magnets are coming closer to the flywheel (and also vice versa for reducing the resistance).

Magnetic resistance systems similar to this are common in house fitness machines and they have their benefits.

Because the magnets never ever in fact touch the flywheel, the activity is very smooth and also peaceful. In fact, a lot of users report the LT3 is almost quiet throughout usage.

There’s additionally extremely little maintenance on these resistance systems. Again, because there’s no touching of parts to develop the resistance, there shouldn’t be much breaking down that takes place (unlike really felt pad resistance systems that need require changing).

The resistance on the LT3 is readjusted by turning a dial located near the seat.

There are 13 resistance levels at your disposal and also the cross trainer is set to the greatest setup for shipment (keep this in mind if it really feels really hard to use after setting up).

Some individuals have actually complained that the resistance is also easy, also at the hardest setting. It’s tough to measure this, given that all users are beginning at various physical fitness levels, but the general agreement is that the LT3 isn’t excellent for providing intense workouts.

That makes sense when you think about the population this equipment is planned for.

The LT3 is made to offer a risk-free and also comfy setting of exercise for individuals who have difficulty using other types of fitness machines.

Most people in these situations aren’t searching for extreme workout- they’re seeking exercise they can maintain comfortably for extended periods.

However that stated, if you’re searching for an equipment that can provide a lot of resistance and also offer an intense cardio or stamina training experience, the LT3 probably isn’t the ideal fit.

Otherwise, the magnetic resistance on this recumbent cross fitness instructor is quiet, smooth, and also effective for providing a comfortable workout.

P.S.- I’m quite sure the LT1 and LT3 utilize the exact same resistance system.


Having a comfortable seat is critical for a recumbent cross trainer- nevertheless, the factor of this device is to provide a comfortable workout experience.

As well as what’s more vital than the seat when it concerns comfort?

Anyhow, most individuals enjoy with the comfort degree of the LT3’s seat.

The LT3 includes an updated seat when contrasted to the LT1. The seat on the LT3 is conveniently elevation flexible, enabling you to glide the seat right into a comfy position.

The backrest is also flexible, enabling you to choose in between 3 various placements. This is a great attribute, specifically for people with neck and back pain, since it offers you much more options to tailor your fit.

The LT3 also allows you to choose in between 2 starting positions with the seat (ahead vs back placement). The forward position allows even more space between the seat as well as the backrest (the LT1 does not use this alternative).

This model also includes an updated seat when compared to the LT1. The LT3’s ComfortSelect seat features even more cushioning, for an extra comfy feeling.

On the whole, the seat on the LT3 is really adjustable as well as includes numerous upgrades over the LT1’s. The majority of individuals more than happy with the comfort level of this device.

Pedal Motion

Recumbent cross fitness instructors can have round pedal motions (like riding a bike) or much more linear (like making use of a stepper).

Both activities are great, yet when it concerns go across instructors, most people like the linear activity since it’s normally a bit extra comfy for achy joints.

The LT3 (as well as the LT1) uses a very straight, up and down pedal movement.

If you check out the image over, you’ll observe that the positioning of the seat as well as pedals puts you in a setting where you’re primarily pressing right down on the pedal as you exercise.

This is awesome due to the fact that it produces a really low impact kind of exercise.

Recumbent cross fitness instructors in this cost variety typically make use of much more round pedal activities, so I offer Teeter extra kudos for the way the LT3 operates.

When it pertains to pedal activity, the LT3 reminds me a great deal of the much more pricey cross trainers (like the NuSteps). With this version, Teeter additionally added extra sphere bearings to ensure smooth procedure.


  • Flexible takes care of- not just can you readjust the height position of each take care of, yet you can rotate them in or out depending on the feeling you’re opting for. Adjusting the setting of the deals with can aid you target various muscle teams throughout your exercises, in addition to alter your exercise routines. The SureGrip deals with on the LT3 featured a little even more padding than the ones on the LT1.
  • Extra-large pedals- the pedals are huge enough to conveniently fit big footwear without any issues. The LT3 includes SoftStep pedals that are a little softer than the ones on the LT1.
  • Digital console- the console on the LT3 is extremely standard, but it can track points like time, distance, calories, and rate.
  • TeeterMove Application- if you acquire the LT3 (or LT1) you obtain access to Teeter’s complimentary workout application that provides you exercise ideas along with basic assistance when utilizing their cross instructors.
  • Media rack- there’s a tiny media rack that can hold publications and tablet computers. It lies over the display screen, so you won’t need to fret about blocking it.
  • Integrated transportation wheels- the transportation wheels at the rear of the frame enable you to turn the equipment up and also roll it anywhere you need to fairly easily.
  • 300 pound weight capability- the LT3 can securely hold users evaluating as much as 300 lb, which is respectable for a budget friendly equipment such as this. Seeing this shows a solid framework and also remarkable construct quality.


The setting up procedure for the LT3 is pretty straightforward. The base comes pre-assembled, as well as you’re generally responsible for bolting on the different add-ons (pedals, seat, handles, and so on).

Unlike several physical fitness brand names nowadays, Teeter really does a rather great job with their instruction manual too.

The images are huge and clear, making them very easy to review throughout assembly. There’s likewise understandable written directions for each action.

One bottom line a customer brought up is that you need to be quite mobile to move as well as attach the different pieces throughout assembly- relying on your physical abilities, it could be a great concept to have a buddy or member of the family available to aid throughout assembly.

General though, placing the LT3 with each other should not be that large a deal.


The Teeter FreeStep LT3 Recumbent Cross Trainer features the complying with guarantee:

2 year all comprehensive
This indicates Teeter will change or fix any kind of malfunction of parts, extra paddings, craftsmanship, or materials for the first 2 years of possession.

2 years isn’t a specifically long assurance, however given the rate of the LT3, it’s not awful. It’s likewise far better than the 1 year service warranty they supply on the LT1.

Final Thoughts

That about does it for the Teeter LT3. It’s really a pretty basic device, however it’s fairly effective at doing what it’s created to do.

Which is provide a comfortable and also risk-free way to exercise for individuals who have a tough time exercising without discomfort.

I such as the direct step pattern the LT3 uses and also I believe the renovations they made to the seat will certainly be beneficial to the majority of people. The thicker, bigger seat needs to make this recumbent instructor comfortable for a lot of folks out there.

The flexible manages are likewise a great touch.

On the whole, I think the LT3 is a clever buy. For the price, you aren’t mosting likely to find a much better recumbent cross trainer.

But does it make good sense to spend the additional $200 as well as obtain the LT3 over the LT1?

That’s a tougher telephone call.

If you ask me, the renovations made on the LT3 are rather small. Honestly, you most likely won’t discover the extra hold on the takes care of or the pedals.

However the thicker, bigger seat and also added year on the warranty are much more considerable.

If you have the money, it makes sense to get the LT3 over the LT1 because it is a better version. However if the LT3 is out of your budget plan, I would not be too heart damaged concerning settling with the LT1.

After all, both models are excellent buys.

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