Sole has turned into one of the most prominent names in residence fitness. They supply a lot of great cardio makers to pick from, yet it’s possibly their treadmills that are most responsible for their expanding success.

And that’s because Sole treadmills have gained a track record for being amongst the most effective in their corresponding cost arrays.

Durable frameworks, effective motors, as well as remarkable guarantees are what Sole treadmills are everything about- I guess it’s not surprising that these things see like hot cakes.

If you’re looking for a quality residence treadmill, selecting a Sole is a smart option, however it can get a little complicated trying to find the appropriate version.

After all, the distinctions in between a few of these machines are extremely refined.

Well, that’s why I made a decision to compose this guide.

In this short article, I’ll provide a neck and neck comparison of every treadmill presently being supplied by Sole. I’ll compare the designs based on one of the most vital efficiency specs as well as features, as well as rate.

After reading, you need to recognize everything you require to in order to find the most effective Sole treadmill for your home fitness center.

Running Surface Motor/Rollers Weight Capacity Warranty Price
Sole F63 20″ x 60″ 3.0 HP
2.5″ rollers
325 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
3 year deck/parts
1 year labor
Sole F65 22″ x 60″ 3.25 HP
2.5″ rollers
350 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
3 year deck/parts
1 year labor
Sole F80 22″ x 60″ 3.5 HP
2.5″ rollers
375 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
Lifetime deck
5 year parts
2 year labor
Sole S77 22″ x 60″ 4.0 HP
2.75″ rollers
400 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
Lifetime deck
5 year parts
2 year labor
Sole F85 22″ x 60″ 4.0 HP
400 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
Lifetime deck
5 year parts
2 year labor
Sole TT8 22″ x 60″ 4.0 HP
3″ rollers
400 lb Lifetime frame
Lifetime motor
Lifetime deck
5 year parts
2 year labor
* Plus light commercial

Sole Treadmills

Before Sole was among the most popular residence physical fitness brand names, they specialized in offering high-end treadmills to hotel chains around the nation.

This is where they began making a track record for their high requirements of high quality and began being acknowledged specifically for their treadmills.

Their branching off into property fitness seems inevitable and the rest, as they say, is background.

When they went into the globe of house fitness, they gradually branched off a lot more, offering other prominent devices like ellipticals, exercise bikes, as well as a rower.

Despite the fact that every one of their cardio equipment is constructed to the very same level of high quality, I seem like their treadmills are still what they’re known best for.

The excellent feature of Sole treadmills is that they’re developed to last as well as they’re valued rather.

They’re likewise backed by a few of the best warranties on the market.

To put it simply, these are some of the best house treadmills around.

Sole currently uses 6 different treadmills in their lineup. Their models are all numerically phoned number, with higher numbers suggesting higher-end (and more expensive) equipments.

When taking a look at Sole treadmills, there are a couple of crucial differences you’ll see when going from one design to an additional. These consist of:

Running Surface

The running surface is an actually crucial spec to consider as well as it’s constantly the first thing I take a look at when taking a look at a new treadmill.

This specification describes the dimension of the belt as well as is typically composed as “width x length” (and also gauged in inches right here in the States).

Larger is better, because it guarantees you’ll have enough room to stretch out completely while performing at faster rates- that is, if you plan on running in the first place.

Pedestrians as well as much shorter individuals can get away with smaller running surface areas without needing to bother with lacking room.

The gold standard for a top quality house treadmill is a running surface of 20 ″ x 60 ″- at this size, the majority of people will have the ability to run easily without having to reduce their stride.

A lot of economical treadmills included dramatically smaller running surface areas due to the fact that making the treadmill smaller is a fast means to reduce on expenditures.

Fortunately, with Sole you will not need to stress over the running surfaces that a lot due to the fact that the majority of them come with the exact same dimension.

5/6 of their treadmills are loading a 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface- just their most budget friendly design, the F60, includes a somewhat smaller sized, 20 ″ x 60 ″ dimension.

Regardless, the running surface area is definitely a specification you must consider when trying to find the right version for your residence.

Motor Strength

The toughness of the treadmill’s motor is another key specification that requires to be taken into consideration when choosing. As you might anticipate, more powerful is much better, yet just how strong you actually need depends upon how you plan on using your treadmill.

Most residence treadmills are packing motors in the 1.5– 4.0 HP range.

If you just plan on walking or maybe doing a little light running, you’ll likely be great with a motor in the 2– 3 HP array.

However if you plan on running regularly, I suggest you choose a treadmill with 3 HP or more under the hood.

The added power will certainly ensure smooth operation when exercising at higher rates.

Bear in mind a more powerful motor ought to last much longer as well- a more powerful electric motor won’t need to function as tough to maintain the same rate.

For instance: a treadmill with a 3 HP electric motor as well as a treadmill with a 4 HP electric motor might both be able to reach a max rate of 12 miles per hour, yet the one with 4 HP will certainly have the ability to do so a lot more successfully, making for a smoother (and also probably quieter) experience.

Sole treadmill electric motors range 3– 4 HP relying on the version, as well as often the only actual distinction between 2 versions is a refined change in the strength of the electric motor.

Weight Capacity

I’m a stickler for inspecting weight limitations on all residence tools due to the fact that I believe this spec informs us a whole lot about the construct top quality. Put simply- stronger, stronger makers come with greater weight capacities.

A treadmill that can hold 400 pound individuals needs to be more structurally audio than one that can hold 300 lb individuals.

Treadmills with higher weight capabilities are generally larger themselves too- you can check this by checking out the assembled weight of a machine.

I such as heavy makers since they really feel more stable throughout use and are gon na be less likely to rock or really feel lightweight.

All Sole treadmills include pretty remarkable weight capacities and also greater than typical assembled weights, suggesting premium framework toughness.

Depending upon the design, Sole’s treadmills will have the ability to hold individuals evaluating 300– 400 pound safely.

Roller Size

You may not be as acquainted with this spec, however I believe it’s one more vital point to check out when taking into consideration a brand-new treadmill.

A treadmill’s rollers are the parts that permit the belt to glide efficiently throughout the deck. They make straight contact with the belt, pushing it along it’s means during your exercises.

Rollers can be found in varying dimensions and also having larger ones is favored.

This is because larger rollers will certainly make more surface contact with the belt, which makes for smoother belt activity. It turns out this also winds up placing less tension on both the roller itself and also the belt.

As well as because the belt is moving extra effectively, it actually places much less tension on the motor also.

Budget treadmill tend to use smaller sized rollers that are less than 2 ″, while higher-end designs have a tendency to make use of larger rollers, often between 2– 3 ″ in diameter.

Sole being Sole, does not use anything smaller sized than 2 ″. And also higher-end models will certainly include even larger rollers.


While Sole is popular for their high-end performance specs, they aren’t specifically recognized for having sophisticated console attributes.

Some have actually even gone as far as saying their gaming consoles are a little bit outdated.

This may be true- they certainly don’t look as state-of-the-art as some, but in regards to features they aren’t that obsolete.

Sole treadmills don’t provide a lots of workouts to choose from (most featured 6-12 workouts), but they do come with bluetooth speakers as well as cordless heart rate surveillance.

And although the displays aren’t touchscreens, they’re quite big, well-lit, and easy to use.

The attributes on Sole treadmills do not truly vary that much from model to version. Although the F85 has actually been upgraded with even more workout alternatives as well as display mirroring capabilities.

Generally, Sole treadmills are smart selections for individuals that are more stressed regarding performance specs than fancy console attributes. You will not discover any large, touchscreen screens or video clip streaming below.

The F63 is the smallest, most budget friendly model in Sole’s schedule, however it still has a heap going for it. Even though it’s priced right under $1000, it’s still packing a 20 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area, making it big sufficient to accommodate most people comfortably.

Under the hood it’s packing a 3.0 HP electric motor that can get to a top speed of 12 miles per hour. It likewise has 15 levels of incline at its disposal for included workout range.

Every one of this thus far is impressive, yet the F63 additionally features 2.5 ″ rollers, which is rare for a treadmill in this rate array.

As is the 325 pound weight ability.

And when you consider that this treadmill includes a lifetime frame/motor assurance as well as a 3 year parts service warranty, it’s difficult to deny that the F63 is among the most effective budget treadmills worldwide.

Extra attributes include 10 workout programs, a folding framework, bluetooth, and an included upper body strap heart price display with purchase.

Generally, if you’re looking for a durable treadmill that won’t break your budget plan, Sole’s F63 is about like it gets.

The F65 is an updated version of the F63. With this version, we see a wider track, a stronger electric motor, and also a slightly heavier-duty framework.

The F65 also includes a slightly bigger console (7.5 ″ vs 6.5 ″ display), although the features themselves are pretty the same to the F63.

Yet back to efficiency.

The F65 features a 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area. The larger belt will feel a little roomier than the one located on the F63, allowing for a little bit more shake area during exercises.

And the motor on this model has actually been upgraded to 3.25 HP, so only 0.25 HP more powerful than the F63’s.

This treadmill also features a top speed of 12 miles per hour and 15 degrees of slope to have fun with. The rollers on the F65 are additionally 2.5 ″, so no big difference there.

This model is a little heavier-duty, considering 8 pound greater than the F63 and also including an excellent weight capacity of 350 lb.

The guarantee on this design is identical to that discovered on the F63: life time frame/motor, 3 year deck/parts, 1 year labor.

As well as there aren’t truly any type of differences in the attributes (apart from the bigger display), the F65 likewise folds up, includes bluetooth, and a consisted of upper body band.

On the whole, when compared to the F63, the F65 comes with a bigger running surface area, a more powerful electric motor, as well as a heavier-duty structure (and will certainly cost ya concerning $400 even more).

The F80 is among Sole’s mid-range treadmills, both in cost and specifications. Thus, we see even more upgrades in all of the specifications we’ve been following above.

This treadmill includes a 3.5 HP motor, making it a quarter of a horse stronger than the F65 (and also half an equine stronger than the F63).

It still has a full throttle of 12 mph as well as 15 slope degrees and it also comes with 2.5 ″ rollers, so no real differences there.

The F80 is a little heavier than the F65, with a put together weight of 278 pound, making this a quite significant maker. The added weight permits it to hold also larger individuals, with a max weight limitation of 375 pound.

The running surface on this design is still 22 ″ x 60 ″, so no distinctions in terms of usable size.

In regards to functions, the display on the F80 is a little larger at 9 ″, yet or else there actually aren’t any other upgrades worth keeping in mind.

Yet when it comes to the service warranty, we do see a significant increase with the F80. Sole backs this treadmill with a lifetime frame/motor/deck, a 5 year components, and also a 2 year labor guarantee.

This is a significant rise over the warranties on the F63 as well as F65 and also most likely one of the most persuasive factor to pick the F80 over the F65.

A quarter of an equine and a 25 pound distinction in the weight capacity might not deserve an additional $200, but a life time deck, an added 2 years on components, and also double the labor guarantees might simply be. See full review.

The S77 is kind of an intriguing design in Sole’s lineup. This is one of the only non-folding models they use, so if you’re searching for a room saver when not in use, this isn’t the treadmill you’re going to want.

Rate smart, I assume it falls in sort of a cool place too, because it’s only $100 more affordable than the F85, which does layer and has a couple of various other upgrades that are worth the extra cash money (which I’ll get to simply listed below).

So, if you have the allocate the S77, then you most likely have the allocate the F85, which I believe most individuals are mosting likely to like.

Yet if you’re looking specifically for a non-folding treadmill, then the S77 could be the right fit.

Comparisons to the F85 aside, the S77 is one hell of a treadmill.

It features a 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area, a 4.0 HP motor, and 2.75 ″ rollers. Like all the models reviewed up until now, it also has a max speed of 12 mph and 15 incline levels.

In terms of put together weight, the S77 is actually a couple of extra pounds lighter than the F83, however it comes with a higher weight ability of 400 lb.

The added stability comes from the truth that this treadmill does not fold.

When it involves attributes, the LCD display on the S77 is even larger at 10.1 ″, but there actually aren’t any other brand-new shocks.

Sole backs this treadmill up with the exact same awesome warranty seen on the F80.

In general, the S77 is one more durable version with upgraded efficiency specs over the F80, however it’s priced extremely likewise to the F85, which I think will be the far better buy for most individuals.

The F85 is among Sole’s most prominent designs, second most likely just to the budget-friendly F60. And also directly, I think this is Sole’s ideal treadmill.

The F85 primarily takes the S77, includes the folding frame, as well as upgrades the console dramatically. And with a prices just $100 greater than the S77, it looks like a quite very easy choice to me.

Performance sensible, this model is almost identical to the S77: 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface, 4.0 HP motor, as well as a 400 lb weight ability.

The F85 weighs significantly extra however- with a constructed weight of simply over 300 pound, this version has to do with 50 pound much heavier than the S77.

One more little difference is seen in the rollers- the F85 has 2.75 ″ rollers in the front and 2.36 ″ rollers in the back.

A lot of treadmills do this where they have bigger rollers in the front and also smaller sized rollers in the back, as well as also at 2.36 ″ the F85’s rear rollers are still quite huge, however I’m unsure why they decided to place smaller rollers on the back of this set.

The largest upgrade over the S77 is seen in the console though.

Sole dramatically updated their console for 2021, offering the F85 a 10.1 ″ touchscreen show that’s wifi allowed.

This brand-new console provides you accessibility to enjoyment apps like Netflix and also YouTube, however it additionally includes more custom-made exercise programs as well as health and fitness examinations to pick from.

It as well is bluetooth suitable and also comes with an included chest band heart price screen and is backed by the very same excellent service warranty as the S77.

Overall, if you’re searching for a more tech-savy Sole treadmill, the F85 is the best option. Easily one of the

Finishing up our listing is Sole’s most costly version, the TT8. This is their biggest, heaviest-duty treadmill to day and it likewise comes with a light business guarantee (less than 5 humans resources of use/day).

And also with a prices of roughly $2500, this is one of the much more cost effective commercial grade treadmills around.

Like a lot of the designs stated over, the TT8 additionally includes a 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area, so no huge differences seen there.

As well as it’s loading the same 4.0 HP electric motor seen on the F85 and also the S77.

Yet with a weight of 322 pound, the TT8 is the heaviest equipment they use. As well as it has the biggest rollers of them all at 3.0 ″.

The various other largest distinction with this version is the reality that it can supply decline training.

Unlike any of Sole’s other treadmills, the TT8 comes with 6 degrees of decline (along with 15 incline levels), permitting folks to train walking/running downhill.

This can be valuable when training for outdoor races or when merely seeking to shock an exercise regimen.

The console on this design is huge at 10.1 ″, yet it isn’t as fancy as the brand-new one they’re putting on the F85’s- no touchscreens or applications on this bad child.

Just the fundamental things discovered on all the other previous models.

The TT8 comes with the same remarkable household warranty as the last few models (lifetime frame/motor/deck, 5 year components, 2 year labor) and it likewise features a generous light industrial guarantee (life time framework, 5 year motor/deck, 3 year electronic devices, 1 year labor).

If you have an interest in a sturdy treadmill that can handle several customers operating it for hours a day, the TT8 is possibly the design you’re trying to find.

Final Thoughts

Well, there ya go.

The above stand for all of the treadmills Sole presently supplies. When you stop and also have a look at the fine information, you can see a great progression, mostly in regards to the performance specifications.

Starting with the F60, we see steady increases in electric motor toughness as well as weight capacity up with the S77.

With the S77, the electric motor strength as well as weight limitations plateau, and the differences between the staying versions are found much more in the attributes department.

The S77 as well as TT8 attract attention as the only 2 non-folding treadmills in the schedule and the TT8 sticks out also further as the just one warranted for light industrial use.

The F60 is an instantaneous stick out as one of the most affordable of the number, yet I think it’s the F85 that actually swipes the show- especially since its console has actually obtained a makeover.

Regardless of which version you go for, rest assured- there aren’t any kind of incorrect responses when it comes to Sole.

Every one of their treadmills are rock solid and also backed by great warranties. It’s no wonder every one of their models locate their means onto “ideal of” lists in their corresponding rate varieties annually.

Sole also takes place to be among my favored fitness brands, so there’s that as well (for whatever that may be worth).

Anyhow, I wish you located this guide useful. If you have any type of questions or remarks, please leave ’em listed below and I’ll solve back to ya.

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