If you’re seeking a well-founded, no-BS spin bike, Diamondback’s 910ic should definitely be on your list. Specifically if you just want an easy to use cycle as well as aren’t searching for month-to-month registrations to streaming solutions.

The 910ic flaunts some of the most impressive performance specifications you’re gon na locate in its class, including a 40 pound flywheel, 32 levels of magnetic resistance, and a self-generating power source.

It additionally features lots of exercises to choose from and also is breast strap compatible.

To put it simply, I believe Diamondback’s 910ic is a course act from top to bottom- however you truly should not simply take my word for it (as well as there’s actually no requirement to, these specs represent themselves).

Before buying, it is necessary to do your homework- you understand, go across T’s, dot i’s, and after that check your job.

And also this is where this evaluation can be found in.

In this post, I’ll look at everything the 910ic has to provide. After analysis, you’ll be greater than well-appointed to decide whether this is the appropriate spin bike for your home health club.

I’m uncertain if Diamondback is a household name or not. I would certainly think they don’t have the exact same brand name acknowledgment as a NordicTrack or a Bowflex, as an example (couple of do).

Which’s a pity due to the fact that Diamondback gets on the same level with or much better than both of the previously mentioned brand names if you ask me.

Possibly they do get the respect they are entitled to, I imply their exercise bikes are generally located on any kind of “best of” list that has any kind of suggestion of what they’re discussing (mine consisted of).

Ranting apart, Diamondback Physical fitness is an extremely legit firm.

They’re mainly recognized for their stationary bicycle, yet they do have a choose lineup of ellipticals also.

As a brand, they’re recognized for offering uncomplicated devices that’s made to operate well. Simply put, performance over delights.

You won’t see a great deal of expensive technology features on these items, but you will certainly see hefty flywheels, durable structures, and also long lasting elements.

The 910ic is the big brother to the popular 510ic (which I own by the way) and also was their most sophisticated spin cycle till they lately disclosed their new 1260sc Studio Cycle.


  • 325 lb weight limit
  • 12 workout programs
  • Polar chest strap compatible
  • Self-generating power source
  • Good warranty
  • 40 lb flywheel
  • 32 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Belt drive
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Fully adjustable, multi-grip handlebars
  • Heavy-duty frame


  • Chest strap not included
  • No bluetooth capabilities


Most folks think about the flywheel to be one of the most important part of the bike, so we might too begin there. Nevertheless, this is the heart of the bike- it’s what spins as you pedal, producing your resistance as well as the general feeling of your flight.

Most house exercise bikes are developed in such a way that much heavier flywheels are favored.

It’s everything about momentum- the a lot more you can produce as you pedal, the smoother your trip is going to really feel (and the closer your workout is going to feel like riding a bike outside).

The simplest way to produce more energy is by adding weight to the flywheel (although Keiser has shown that light flywheels can work equally as well if the flywheel is spinning quickly sufficient).

The added weight on hefty flywheels helps the wheel keep spinning between pedal strokes- this minimizes any undesirable lag between strokes, creating a smoother flight.

A heavy flywheel likewise takes more power to begin, which mimics the feel of riding a road bike.

We’re seeing heavier and also heavier flywheels these days, however personally, I think about anything over 20 lb to be pretty heavy.

Keeping the above history details in mind, I intend to mention that Diamondback’s 910ic comes with a 40 lb flywheel. This is double the 20 pound line in the sand I attract, so I feel really comfortable describing this as a “hefty” flywheel.

The added weight will certainly produce a smooth trip, yet it’ll also produce a substantial exercise.

You’ll feel that extra weight when beginning from a cool begin.

And when you couple that heavy flywheel with 32 degrees of magnetic resistance, you’ve obtained all the tools needed to produce as intense a workout as you’re looking for.

This is 2x as lots of resistance degrees as the 510ic.

Having more behaves since it offers you room to tweak your strength- you recognize, you can make smaller sized incremental adjustments in the resistance.

Speaking of resistance degrees, on the 910ic (as well as the 510ic) you readjust the resistance digitally by pushing the backwards and forwards buttons on the screen.

This is among the factors I was drawn to the 510ic a couple of years ago.

For individuals that do not want to tinker transforming a dial, the resistance regulates on this spin cycle will certainly be a noticeable perk.

Generally, the 910ic ratings extremely in this division, with its (extremely) hefty flywheel as well as high number of magnetic resistance degrees to collaborate with.


A lot of spin bikes get grievances relating to the convenience of their seats. A lot of this is probably due to the fact that people not familiar with riding aren’t aware of just exactly how uneasy bike seats are to start with.

Myself included.

Well, prior to I started riding consistently anyway.

When I first purchased the Diamondback 510ic, I discovered the seat uneasy and I also bought a gel seat padding (which did aid a whole lot by the way).

Fortunately is that as you ride more, your bottom will certainly get used to the seat as well as you’ll be more comfortable.

Rotate bikes featured common riding saddles, which are small and also pretty company- that’s just the way it is. Keep in mind spin bikes are trying to mimic the sensation of riding a road bike, uncomfortable seat and all.

The 910ic comes with the exact same unpleasant seat all spin bikes featured, yet what’s worth stating is that the seat on this bike is totally flexible.

This means you can change the position vertically in addition to flat (fore/aft).

This is preferred due to the fact that it provides you a far better chance of finding your most comfy riding position. And also the a lot more comfortable you are during workouts, the more probable you are to really exercise.

As well as lower your opportunities for unwanted aches as well as discomforts along the road.

So, the takeaway here is that the 910ic obtains points for the fully flexible seat. You can always swap the seat out for one more upgraded bike seat if you actually wish to, it’s a simple procedure.


The handlebars on this bike are additionally totally flexible, offering you a great deal of room to tailor and also find the most effective riding position. Like the seat, you can adjust the height and fore/aft placement easily.

I do not assume having horizontally flexible handlebars is quite as important as it is for the seat, however it’s still a wonderful attribute in case you ever before require to utilize it.

It’s a little unexpected the number of exclusive bikes do not consist of complete adjustable handlebars (Peloton doesn’t).

Anyway, the 910ic does, and also even if you don’t find yourself needing to play with it, it’s nice to recognize it exists.

The handlebars are multi-grip, enabling you to get ’em in any kind of position you choose. You have actually obtained the wide grips (convenient for standing), the slim grips, and whatever else in between.


Frame integrity is important for a spin bike- the last thing you desire if for your cycle to totter or really feel lightweight during your workouts.

I like a sturdy structure that doesn’t relocate or rock as I pedal, also when standing as well as climbing up steep hillsides.

You can look at pictures of a bike and try to see exactly how heavy-duty it looks, and often you can simply tell a bike isn’t that durable by looking at it, however the best means (apart from taking it for an examination drive) is to look at the bike’s weight and weight capability.

These numbers will inform you a lot regarding exactly how durable it truly is.

And also greater is much better in both situations.

The 910ic has a fully set up weight of 135 lb.

This is exactly just how much my Peloton evaluates and I can tell you from experience that this is very hefty for a spin cycle (as well as the 910ic doesn’t have a significant display adding to the total weight!).

It’s additionally concerning 30 pound heavier than the 510ic, which does not relocate whatsoever when I ride it.

The 910ic includes a max user weight of 325 lb, which is also excellent for a spin cycle.

And also according to Diamondback, this bike can conveniently handle individuals who depend on 6′ 6 ″ tall, which means most of us ought to fit simply great.

In general, this bike features a hefty frame that will certainly offer a durable base for you to ride on. You won’t need to stress over any wobbling or shaking, despite just how difficult you pedal on those hillsides.


When it comes to pedals, spin bikes either featured toe cages which are to be made use of with tennis shoes, or clipless pedals that are made to be made use of with riding cleats.

Some bikes will certainly even include dual activity pedals, with a toe cage on one side and clipless insert on the other, enabling you to use either sort of shoe.

The 910ic only comes with the toe cage pedals.

This is just great if you do not want to fret about purchasing riding cleats- you can simply get on and also ride with whatever sneakers or footwear you wish to.

But if you do want to utilize cleats, you ‘d have to buy separate pedals as well as swap them out on your own (which isn’t challenging).


Not all rotate bikes included screens, yet more and more are nowadays. The 910ic comes with a small display that will certainly present all your crucial metrics, along with enable you to control the resistance and pick your exercises.

The screen isn’t really elegant, but it’s very easy sufficient to read. As well as easy to use.

It also comes with 12 pre-programmed exercises to select from. These include options like “novice”, “progressed”, and also “sporty”, all differing a little on the size and intensity of capitals.

There are likewise heart price assisted exercises which will adjust the resistance to maintain your heart price within your picked “zone”.

The screen on the 910ic works with Polar breast straps, making it less complicated for you to keep an eye on your heart price during these exercises.

However the coolest part of this display is that it’s self-powered- you do not need to keep it connected in.

This means you can place this bike anywhere you desire without having to stress over placing it near an electrical outlet (although you will have to connect it in prior to your initial workout and afterwards charge as soon as on a monthly basis approximately I think).

Generally, this display is rather standard, yet it’s simple to make your choices, breast band suitable, and also self-powered.


Diamondback Fitness backs the 910ic Indoor Cycle with the adhering to guarantee:

  • 5 year structure
  • 5 year brake
  • 3 year components as well as electronic devices
  • 1 year labor
  • 90 day wear items

I believe the 910ic is a fantastic spin bike, but if I needed to quibble (as well as I do since I’m composing this review), I would certainly say the service warranty is where my biggest issue would certainly be.

Diamondback defines their framework and brake guarantee as a “restricted life time” service warranty, yet to them the lifetime of the bike is limited to 5 years.

I do not assume the framework on this cycle is mosting likely to break down in 25 years, much less 5, yet I would certainly still such as to see a straight up “lifetime” guarantee on the frame.

I recognize, a lot of premiere spin bikes do not use life time frame guarantees (although Sole does), but I would certainly still like to see it below.

To be fair though, when you contrast this service warranty to various other deluxe spin bikes that set you back 2x as much, it still holds up quite well.

I assume 3 years on components and a year on labor is all fine and excellent- that’s par for the course.

On the whole, the warranty on this bike is great, however I think they could offer a lifetime guarantee on the framework (or a minimum of stop describing it as one when it’s only 5 years).

Final Thoughts

Ok. Well, that has to do with all I carry Diamondback’s 910ic. If I had to pick one word to explain this cycle, it would have to be “sturdy”.

Whatever on this bike is heavy and I imply that in the most effective method possible.

From the flywheel to the framework, this bike is developed like a tank.

And also with 32 resistance degrees, 12 workout programs, and a self-generating power source, this bike is well-appointed to kick your butt day in and day out.

The monitor is quite basic and also it’s lacking any kind of type of bluetooth/app abilities, however it is really easy to use.

And you don’t have to fret about paying any month-to-month membership fees just to use your bike.

Overall, I believe Diamondback’s 910ic is a remarkable spin cycle. I assume it would make a terrific choice for somebody searching for a user friendly cycle that can still offer an extreme exercise. Very advised.

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