The TRX Home2 is the company’s most current enhancement to their growing schedule of suspension trainers. For many years, they’ve supplied a number of different models, each with refined upgrades as well as differing asking prices.

The Home2 is marketed as the utmost portable home fitness center system, allowing you work out at home, on the road, and even outdoors. However in a market stuffed with residence fitness tools making comparable claims, can the TRX Home2 hold its own?

This extensive testimonial will certainly give a close a consider what the Home2 is all about and see whether it’s a wise financial investment. Allow’s start with a brief history lesson on TRX and suspension training as a whole.

What’s The Deal With Suspension Training?

If you’ve never used a TRX or comparable suspension instructor in the past, you might be interested what all the hassle is about. It looks like they type of exploded on the scene about ten years back.

Currently, you see them everywhere from local health clubs to expert sporting activities groups’ training areas. But why?

Although what we think of as suspension training actually struck the prominent scene in the early 2000’s, suspension training has been utilized in one kind or an additional for centuries.

Rock climbers as well as gymnasts have been well known for performing bodyweight exercising on different dangling apparatus to improve their corresponding crafts.

A lot more lately, suspension training has actually become preferred since it doesn’t call for much equipment as well as it can pretty much be done anywhere. Oh yea, it’s incredibly efficient also.

The suggestion behind it is that you are using your bodyweight as the resistance while executing various drawing or pushing motions on a set of handles attached to ropes.

While this sounds basic enough, actually it’s quite tough.

The manages (being connected to ropes) are really unpredictable. This suggests it depends on you as well as your muscle mass to provide the security essential to perform whichever move you are attempting.

This pressures you to utilize a great deal even more of your stabilizer muscles for each and every action, particularly your core.

Allow’s use the rise as an instance.

Doing a typical wall rise, the wall surface doesn’t relocate, so you are largely functioning your upper body, triceps, and also delts. Doing a comparable raise workout with a suspension fitness instructor is mosting likely to create you to trigger your rotator cuff and core muscles considerably a lot more due to the instability of the handles.

Long story short: you work more muscles and improve core strength with every exercise.

The reality that a suspension fitness instructor (like the TRX Home2) actually only consists of a rope, takes care of, as well as a support makes it easy to use basically anywhere.

Suspension training is also very flexible- you can discover a means to work any type of body part and do practically any type of exercise with among these systems.

The mix of adaptability, performance, and also mobility has made suspension training what it is today. Well, that and the creation of TRX.

TRX (Total Resistance workout) was created by a previous Navy Seal by the name of Randy Hetrick (that additionally has an MBA from Stanford by the way).

He generated the original concept when he was trying to find a method to stay fit while on objectives- and also like that, TRX was birthed.

TRX suspension trainers struck the marketplace around ’04- ’05 as well as have ended up being a frustrating success tale. Currently they are located in houses as well as gyms around the globe.

The TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer

As I stated previously, the Home2 is their newest variation. Every one of their suspension instructors actually consist of the exact same components: anchor, band, and takes care of. The difference in between their models is located in the details.


The Home2 system includes 2 securing alternatives: door or suspension. Incidentally, the anchor is what you link your TRX to so you can utilize it.

The X mount (purchased independently) likewise provides you the ability to mount your Home2 to the ceiling or any other surface area apart from a door.

Ceiling mounts been available in useful because you obtain a bit more variety of motion, however the X install is meant for permanent placement- so if you intend on utilizing your TRX in the house mainly and you have high enough ceilings, could be a clever investment.

The door mount can be used with any door tough adequate to hold your body weight. You just connect the door anchor to the band via the carabiner and place the support over the door and close it.

Valuable hint: if the door opens towards you, put the anchor near the joints to guarantee you do not unintentionally open the door throughout exercise.

The suspension place can be used on virtually any type of surface strong enough to hold you: trees, fencings, playground, or mounted bars. The suspension place attaches to the band similarly.

You simply cover the other end of the band around your anchor point as well as attach the various other carabiner to the mount.

It might appear challenging, but it’s actually easy. Takes seconds. See the video below for a demo:


The straps for all the TRX’s are basically the very same, which’s not a negative thing. They are lightweight and resilient and also can handle users that evaluate as much as 350 pounds.

This gives the TRX the capability to manage customers that are too big for smaller suspension fitness instructors like the Monkii Pubs 2.

The Home2 has an updated pinstripe webbing that is intend to enhance control and sturdiness.

The size of the band is flexible. Nevertheless, we’re not just the same elevation as well as not all of our workout areas are the same dimension. Having the ability to custom-made fit your TRX makes a big difference.

Speaking of workout area, TRX advises a flooring space of roughly 6 ′ x 8 ′ to perform all exercises easily. Relying on what workouts you are doing however, you can escape less area if required.


The handles are where we often tend to see a lot of the differences between models. The handles on the Home2 have been updated with the enhancement of foam extra padding, which ought to make your workouts a bit more comfortable.

Doing workouts like raise really places a good amount of stress and anxiety with your hands and wrists, so the extra padding is a good thing.

TRX has also made the foot supports flexible to ensure a comfortable fit for people of all sizes and shapes. If you’re doing lunges or planks and your feet are gliding around in the cradles, it’s going to impact your performance.

Having the ability to personalize the dimension should guarantee this isn’t a concern.

Additional Features

The Home2 itself is really simply the band, the cushioned takes care of, as well as the support system. Told ya it was a pretty simple set up. Yet if you acquire via TRX directly, you obtain a couple of added rewards:

Harmonize carrying bag
Free 1 year membership to their fitness app (which is in fact a quite remarkable function- consists of tailored exercises from TRX trainers).
TRX attendant- speak to the company to have any kind of inquiries or worries dealt with regarding your TRX or workouts.
Inconvenience cost-free returns- return your Home2 if you aren’t pleased, they even pay for the return shipping.


The Home2 includes a 5 year guarantee when acquired directly from TRX. This is a rather strong service warranty on an item in this cost variety.

As well as every little thing on the Home2 is built, it’s doubtful you’ll encounter problems, however it’s always excellent to recognize you have a little insurance in case something does go wrong.


  • Lightweight and also mobile, can travel anywhere.
  • Offers full body workout.
  • Considerably improve core stamina.
  • Offers fortifying, versatility, and cardio workouts.
  • Comes with door and also suspension anchors.
  • 1 year access to TRX application.
  • Easy return plan.
  • Cost effective price.
  • Terrific guarantee.


  • Challenging exercises, everyone not cut out for suspension training.

Final Thoughts

The Home2 is TRX’s most recent suspension instructor developed for (you presumed it) home use.

Of course when it comes to TRX, residence usage includes your living-room, your yard, the coastline, the local play ground, and also practically anywhere you can find a support point.

The Home2 does not include any type of significant brand altering attributes.

Instead, they took a great suspension instructor and included a few little upgrades to make the experience extra satisfying. Like the old stating goes- “if it’s not broken, don’t repair it”.

The updated handles and adjustable foot cradles are a nice touch.

Access to the physical fitness application is actually a good upgrade as well- it’s essentially like having an individual fitness instructor with you to lead you via your objective oriented exercises.

For those of you who already have an older version, I see little reason to update to the Home2 unless your existing TRX is beginning to show indicators of wear and tear.

If you’re trying to find your very first suspension instructor, TRX has made their area as the gold criterion as well as the Home2 is a safe bet.

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