With recognizable enhancements over the AD2 and also AD6, Schwinn’s AD7 is by far their most advanced airdyne exercise bike to date. With the AD7, Schwinn is ultimately giving us a fully adjustable seat– something the more affordable choices were doing not have.

You will also discover substantial upgrades in other locations, consisting of the console, structure, as well as service warranty divisions.

Even if the AD7 is Schwinn’s highest grade air bike, does that indicate it’ll help every person? A lot more especially, is this the ideal bike for you?

In order to aid you address that question, I’m going to go into some information regarding what this bike needs to use. I’m additionally going to give you my 2 cents about that I believe would profit the most from a bike such as this.

By the end of this review, you must have an excellent idea of whether or not you must think about making the AD7 the most recent member of your house fitness center.

What Is An Airdyne Bike?

Before we obtain also ahead of ourselves, we must possibly start at the start. If you’ve been doing some research study on the AD7 for awhile, then this is old information. Yet if you are simply starting, you may not know what an “airdyne” bike is.

Airdyne is just the term Schwinn coined for their air bikes. Air bikes, also referred to as fan bikes obtain their name from the truth that the resistance is produced by transforming fans as you pedal. The faster and also more difficult you pedal, the more resistance you get from the transforming followers.

This is just one of the reasons air bikes have become so preferred, especially with folks that enjoy HIIT exercises. With an air bike, you have limitless resistance. You also get a full body exercise with the choice to use your arms to push and pull the handlebars.

Anyhow, back to airdyne.

Schwinn was the very first business to create an air bike back around 1979. Their airdyne bikes appeared to vanish for awhile, however they have actually really made a large return over the last couple of years.

I think it’s probably partially to the popularity of Crossfit, that utilize these kinds of bikes routinely in their exercise routines.

But simply to be clear: air bikes, fan bikes, and airdyne bikes all indicate the very same point. Schwinn is the only company that generates “airdyne” bikes. I really hope that removes things up.

PS- Visit this site for an awesome background lesson on the various Schwinn versions for many years, consisting of images from the original brochures.

Is An Airdyne Bike Right For Me?

This is the actual question. If you have actually never used one in the past, you may be questioning what all the talk is about. If you have actually utilized an airdyne or air bike in the past, you should recognize whether or not it’s the right bike for you.

Air bikes are best used to their max potential when doing interval training. This means doing short spells of actually extreme exercise, complied with by rounds of remainder (or working at substantially reduced strength).

And after that you duplicate this cycle for as lots of intervals as you prefer throughout your exercise.

These bikes are best for this style of exercise since they are capable of generating a lot resistance. Like I stated earlier, the resistance is unrestricted!

As you get more powerful and pedal harder, the resistance will certainly also get tougher. You straight manage how much resistance you really feel by just pedaling faster or slower.

And then you count in the fact that you are working your arms at the same time. Few stationary bicycle offer you the alternative of pedaling with your arms as well.

Bringing your arms right into the picture makes it more of a complete body exercise. Really, when you are actually going at it, you will certainly be involving your core as well. So, yes, it does supply a complete body exercise. Which indicates melting extra calories (and also fat).

So, if you are trying to find a bike that can supply a high strength workout, then an airdyne bike is a wise option.

If you delight in HIIT workouts or are into Crossfit, after that an airdyne bike is a wise selection.

If you are trying to find a complete body exercise that you can do conveniently from residence, an airdyne bike is a smart choice.

If you want an exercise bike that will shed one of the most calories, an airdyne bike is a smart selection.

If you are seeking a much more casual, much less extreme workout, an airdyne bike might not be the most effective selection. You can definitely ride an air bike at reduced intensities, there’s nothing quiting you.

But these bikes are really developed to supply high resistance- if you aren’t seeking that, you might be far better off with a various sort of stationary bicycle.

Schwinn has been generating airdyne bikes off and on for nearly 40 years. All of these years of development as well as redesign have actually brought them to the AD7- arguably the most remarkable item in their entire lineup.

Let’s have a look at the various features included on the bike and also see just how they stack up.


  • Great warranty
  • Telemetry heart rate monitor compatible
  • Built-in water bottle holder
  • AC adaptor compatible (not included)
  • Unlimited, smooth air resistance gives you the ability to exercise as hard as you want
  • Fully adjustable seat ensures you get the perfect fit
  • Multi-position handlebars allows you to customize your upper body workout
  • Large, easy to read display console
  • 9 preprogrammed workouts to help guide you to your fitness goals
  • Easy assembly
  • 350 lb weight capacity, great for larger users


  • Seat is still uncomfortable
  • Wind guard not included


The AD7 is an airdyne bike, so like we talked about earlier all of the resistance is generated by the spinning fans affixed to the flywheel.

There are no resistance setups like you would see on a typical upright bike or recumbent bike. The tougher you push, the more resistance you obtain. It’s a terrific system that works very properly.

The building of the fan blades themselves are state-of-the-art as well as designed to work silently with the single-belt drive system. Follower bikes are constantly a little noiser than spin bikes due to the fact that the wind created makes noise.

Personally, I such as the sound it makes- when you are actually relocating the added sound lets you recognize you are truly working.

One rather substantial upgrade the AD7 has over the AD6 and AD2 is the multi-grip handlebars. The handlebars on this airdyne bike provide you the option of switching up your grip to transform your top body workout.

As an example, if I intended to highlight my upper body and also tricep muscular tissues, I would certainly choose an overhand grasp and also concentrate on the pushing activity.

For more of a back and bicep workout, I would certainly choose the neutral or surreptitious grasp as well as focus on the drawing motion.

You can also prop your feet up on the stationary foot rests and also isolate your top body entirely. It’s a great feature having the ability to get a top body workout from a stationary bicycle.


The seat always seems to be the Achille’s recover on Schwinn’s airdynes. The seats on the AD2 as well as AD6 are unpleasant and also lack fore and aft adjustments. Ultimately, on the AD7, we have fore and aft seat adjustability! Hallelujah! Thanks Schwinn.

In all seriousness, the seat on this bike is completely flexible. That suggests elevation and horizontal position can be gotten used to see to it you obtain the right fit. This was always one of the biggest grievances users have concerning both various other airdyne versions.

The seat is supported, but it’s still not particularly comfortable. That’s simply the way it opts for bike seats. I have actually never ever used a traditional bike seat that I though was comfortable, so I would not hold that against the AD7.

You can constantly cover the seat with an added gel pillow or swap out the seat with one more bike seat you prefer.


The console on the AD7 additionally got a facelift. The console on the AD6 was a massive renovation over the tiny little screen on the AD2. Schwinn improved it much more with this version.

The display screen is even larger that the one on the AD6 and also the RPM meter looks more excellent. The built in canteen owner is additionally a bit more easily placed.

The aesthetic improvements aren’t the only upgrades here either. Schwinn has included 9 different workout programs with this bike. The AD7 is the only airdyne that has any preprogrammed exercises consisted of.

The exercises consist of intervals, heart price workouts, as well as goal driven options (calories, time, range, etc). Naturally the resistance isn’t managed by the console, it’s managed by you remember. Yet the programs will certainly help guide your exercises based on your option.

The AD7 is telemetry heart rate screen compatible- that’s how the heart rate exercises function. It’s collaborate with any type of Polar suitable displays. You have to purchase one individually however, one isn’t consisted of (that would be nice though).


Putting the AD7 together is pretty straightforward. The proprietors guidebook does a wonderful work of showing what goes where as well as exactly how to do so. The pictures are large and also they zoom in to reveal you which screw as well as washer combination to use.

The follower and also “base” of the bike come preassembled. You are in charge of affixing the stabilizers, the pedals, the console, handlebars, and seat.

All required tools (a couple Allen wrenches as well as a little wrench) are consisted of.

The manual recommends having 2 people to assemble the AD7, however it can be done by a single person. The base is rather hefty, so the most difficult component would be connecting the stabilizers on the bottom- it would certainly come in handy to have a 2nd collection of hands to aid hold the base while you attach them.

However, customers concur assembly on this bike is pretty very easy. Nothing as well complicated right here.

Weight Capacity

This airdyne bike has one of the most remarkable weight capacity of the lot at 350 pound. The AD2 has a weight ability of 250 lb as well as the AD6 tops out at 300 pound.

This makes the AD7 a great choice for bigger individuals. The totally flexible seat likewise is available in handy for taller individuals. The greater weight capability is a good indicator of the increased sturdiness of the frame. If you ask me, greater weight abilities are constantly a good thing.


Schwinn uses great service warranties on all their airdynes, yet the AD7 does have the most effective (as it should, given that it’s the most expensive of the lot). The AD7 features the complying with warranties:

  • 10 year structure
  • 2 year mechanical
  • 2 year electrical
  • 6 months labor

This service warranty is extremely comparable to the one that comes on the AD6. The only difference is that the AD6 only features a 1 year electrical service warranty.

What About The Airdyne Pro?

In your research study you might have stumbled upon the Schwinn Airdyne Pro. If you take a look at the specs of the Pro, you will notice that they are identical to the AD7. Very same bike, same warranty, same weight capacity, very same console, same workout programs.

So, what’s the distinction?

Truthfully, the only difference I can locate is the rate. On Amazon the Pro sets you back $100 greater than the AD7.

I have actually checked out some short articles saying that the Pro is the exact very same bike however is marketed as a light commercial quality device. Others have actually reported that the guarantee is better on the Pro. I haven’t found this to be the case. Regarding I can tell, the guarantees are additionally the same.

If you’re considering buying the Pro, I would advise conserving on your own a hundred dollars and also choosing the AD7.

Final Thoughts

The AD7 is currently Schwinn’s highest grade airdyne model. It has one of the most sophisticated attributes, along with the highest possible asking cost.

While this is a really good exercise bike, in all sincerity, maybe extra bike than you require, depending upon your health and fitness degree as well as goals.

If you are at a moderate to advanced physical fitness level, the AD7 is a clever choice. It’s the greatest, most durable airdyne Schwinn offers and it has one of the most detailed service warranty.

Lengthy story brief- the AD7 can hold up to the most extensive workouts you can toss at it.

If you are simply starting, you might most likely save your self a few hundred bucks and go with the AD6. It too has an excellent weight capability as well as service warranty- it is doing not have the preprogrammed exercises though.

The AD2 would certainly be better suited if you are searching for a budget follower bike. It’s statistics can’t compare to those of the AD6 and also AD7, but also for the price variety it’s difficult to beat.

On the whole, if you are looking for the very best fan bike on the market, the AD7 is most definitely a contender. It’s greatest competition is possibly the Assault AirBike as well as the Rogue Echo Bike– both of which are great pieces of equipment.

Of the lot though, the AD7 includes the best service warranty.

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