Although the XTREME is just one of Total Gym’s older models, when you actually check out what this system is using, it holds up surprisingly well against the more recent schedule.

Particularly when you consider just how budget friendly it is.

With 12 resistance levels, 6 consisted of accessories, as well as the capability to do 60+ workouts from a single machine, the XTREME has a legitimate insurance claim at being the most effective residence fitness center $400 can buy.

If you’re trying to find an economical residence health club system, Overall Gym, and the XTREME specifically, is a fantastic financial investment.

However prior to you begin taking out bank card, it’s a good concept to due your due diligence- and that’s where I can be found in.

In this testimonial, I’ll take ya on an up close and also individual take a look at everything this residence health club has to use. After reading, you’ll have a much better suggestion regarding whether the XTREME has what it takes to make a spot in your house gym.

Off we go.

I have actually been reviewing Overall Fitness centers for a long time currently. They’ve been around for a few decades and because time, they have actually come out with a lots of different versions to pick from.

Each version varies a little, typically in regards to resistance levels and also attachments consisted of, but they all make use of the very same general design to function.

And also it’s a great layout.

You can carry out loads of exercises making use of only your bodyweight and this equipment.

And also considering that it’s so low-impact, it makes for a very secure method to exercise- even individuals with throbbing joints can typically make use of Overall Fitness centers rather conveniently.

However back to the XTREME.

Being one of their older designs, you can’t buy this version straight with Complete Health club anymore, yet like a lot of their various other older fitness centers, you can still locate it on websites like

And also Costco usually brings this version too (and they tend to have a reduced rate, fyi).

I brought out a pretty extensive Complete Fitness center overview a couple of years back and also I’ve needed to upgrade it a couple of times to consist of brand-new models as well as whatnot.

I assumed I had all the significant models covered because guide, however I was wrong.

After getting a number of inquiries about the XTREME (enough to reveal me that this also was a preferred model), I knew it was time for me to take a closer look.

And also I would love to thank my visitors that brought this design to my focus, because after taking that closer appearance, I really like what I’m seeing.


  • 6 attachments included (AbCrunch!)
  • Very little assembly necessary
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Great price
  • Access to over 60 exercises
  • Full body, low impact workouts
  • Quickly switch between exercises
  • 12 resistance levels


  • Only a 1 year warranty


One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a Complete Health club is the versatility you obtain. No matter which model you go with, they all supply a ton of workout possibilities.

In the case of the XTREME, we’re talking at the very least 60 different workouts.

This is rather unheard of in the world of even more standard, resistance training house gym systems, where it’s impressive if you can carry out even 20 or two moves from a solitary piece of equipment.

But with Overall Fitness centers, variety is nitty-gritty.

As well as the XTREME is one of their most budget-friendly designs.

The variety of workouts a Total Health club can offer depends substantially on the variety of attachments that are included (much more on that in a sec), however range also originates from the capacity to do top body, lower body, and also core relocates all using the exact same gear.

A great deal of workouts also enable you to do one arm or leg at once, which substantially enhances the total workout count.

I’m not mosting likely to list 60 different relocations you can do with the XTREME in this evaluation, yet rest assured Overall Health club has actually got ya covered.

They include a workout overview that shows you just how to do all of these various exercises and you additionally obtain access to Total Fitness center TV, which has both totally free as well as paid accessibility, that uses different exercises for you to comply with.

When contrasted to the other Complete Health Clubs, the XTREME’s exercise library falls at the bottom of the range. Higher-end models provide 80-85 different workouts and also the commercial grade GTS supplies over 200.

But also for the price, you can’t complain with 60+ different moves.

Resistance Levels

If you’re not knowledgeable about Overall Health clubs, you could be questioning exactly how resistance degrees work here- besides, isn’t your body weight the only resistance you’re using?

Yes, this is true, you don’t need to include any additional weight plates or resistance bands- absolutely nothing like that.

Yet you can still change the intensity of your workouts by adjusting the angle of the slide board.

Boosting the height of the slide board raises the angle you’re working against, which raises the percent of your body weight you’re raising throughout each move.

The more vertical you go, the harder the exercise is mosting likely to really feel (and also vice-versa).

The quantity of resistance levels each version includes is another area where they vary. And also if you ask me, having more resistance degrees is a huge benefit.

The more resistance degrees you have, the much more you’ll be able to tweak the intensity of your exercises.

It doesn’t imply the total resistance is any kind of different- besides, this is dependent on the end-range height of the slide board at the highest possible position.

However it does mean you can make smaller sized incremental boosts as well as lowers in your resistance.

Generally talking, the Total Health clubs range in between 6-12 resistance degrees (the GTS comes with 22, however that beast is in a world of its very own).

With this in mind, the XTREME comes with 12 resistance levels.

This goes over for any type of rate range, but considering the XTREME is among the most budget plan friendly models readily available, I believe it’s even that much more substantial.

With 12 resistance levels at your disposal, you’ll be able to slowly boost or lower the resistance for each and every exercise, making sure you aren’t needing to make radical leaps in strength prior to you prepare.

Generally, I believe the fact that the XTREME features numerous resistance levels is its largest selling variable.


I stated over that it’s the accessories that allow you to perform all of these different workouts. The even more attachments you have, the more workout range you contend your disposal.

There are many different handles as well as attachments that have actually been used by Complete Fitness center throughout the years and some are far better than others (look into this guide for a conversation on my preferred Total Fitness center add-ons).

The XTREME comes with the 6 following add-ons included:

  • AbCrunch- this is just one of Overall Gym’s most popular attachments and also it’ll cost ya over $150 to purchase independently, so I assume it’s a take for the XTREME to include this one. This accessory provides you something to easily hang on to while doing reverse crises on the Total Fitness center. A terrific accessory.
  • Tri-grip Shaper Nights clubs- these deals with offer 3 various hold placements, giving you numerous alternatives when carrying out actions like pull ups and also shoulder presses.
  • Wing attachment- one more versatile collection of deals with that can be utilized for pull ups, presses, along with leg steps.
  • Squat stand- an additional one of one of the most essential accessories, this permits you to execute squats of all variations.
  • There are several different styles of squat stands offered- this is among the smaller variations, however it’ll still do the job.
  • Leg pulley system- this add-on is vital for targeting the legs, enabling you to perform relocations like hip adduction and also hip abduction.
  • Training deck/device holder- a nice little attachment that allows you to hold the exercise cards or your tablet (practical if you’re accessing Overall Health club TV for exercises) in addition to the Overall Gym.

Generally, I assume this is a wonderful selection of attachments for the XTREME. Thinking about exactly how economical this design is, I can’t believe it includes the AbCrunch- that allows time.

The only accessory I see missing is a collection of dip bars, yet I picture they can quickly be added down the line if you so select.


This section is mosting likely to be actually succinct since there really isn’t much assembly entailed. Another wonderful thing about the Complete Health clubs is that they come like 90% pre-assembled.

All you need to do is unbox it and unravel it. Then you simply attach your attachments making use of the included pins.

It could not be simpler.

P.S.- I could not discover an assembly video for the XTREME especially, however the unraveling process is quite identical for every one of the versions.

Weight Capacity

I constantly such as to check out a device’s weight capability because I assume it works as an excellent indication of its general top quality.

Higher weight limits suggest more powerful frameworks due to the fact that an equipment needs to be more powerful to hold larger users. I think that makes sense right?

I mean a gym that can hold a 400 lb individual needs to be harder than a health club that can hold a 250 lb user right?

Anyhow, the XTREME includes a weight limit of 350 lb, which I think is pretty amazing given the reality that this point unfolds right into place and weighs like 80 lb or so set up.

To me, seeing a weight capacity this high is a terrific indication. It makes me assume the XTREME is well built and also of great quality.

Generally, this Complete Gym comes with a high weight restriction, permitting individuals of all sizes to utilize it safely.


The Total Gym XTREME includes the following guarantee:

1 year guarantee
At this cost variety, it’s not guaranteed that’ll you obtain any kind of warranty. One year isn’t a lot, but given the cost (and also the reality that Total Fitness center isn’t using this straight anymore) I assume it’s fair enough.

As well as assuming you don’t do anything you should not be doing, this health club needs to stand up a lot longer than that.

Complete Gyms are durable as well as reduced upkeep.

Final Thoughts

That about does it for the Complete Gym XTREME. I’ve been a fan of Total Health clubs for several years now due to the fact that they’re versatile, secure, and easy to use.

  • I obtained ta state I’m truly satisfied with the XTREME.

Considering this version features 12 resistance levels and the 6 add-ons that it does, I believe the XTREME is among the better bargains currently around.

As well as I still can not believe it comes with the AbCrunch.

On the whole, if you’re searching for an affordable Total Gym, the XTREME is most certainly an “exceptionally” bargain. Advised.

* Check rates- Costco might be the least expensive place to get. I’ve seen it as cheap as just over $300 there. It’s offered on too, yet it’ll probably be closer to $400.

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