The TRUE Efficiency 800 is an elite residence treadmill designed with industrial quality parts. So, if you’re wanting to earn a treadmill that feels like the ones you’ve utilized at the fitness center, this could be simply what you’re searching for.

Emphasizes of the Efficiency 800 include a 21 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area, a 4.0 HP DC motor, and a shock soaking up system that permits you to personalize the padding degree of the deck.

It also comes with an innovative touchscreen console with enables you to save 6 customer profiles, which will can be found in particularly helpful for homes with multiple customers.

And also to make points also better, REAL Health and fitness backs their Performance 800 with a really charitable guarantee– something I always wish to see in any type of high-end health and fitness maker.

Overall, the Efficiency 800 is the real deal- if you’re trying to find a deluxe home treadmill, it needs to definitely be on your short list.

However is it the very best treadmill to fulfill your requirements?

Well, that’s what I’m wishing to help you figure out.

In this review, I’ll go over everything this treadmill needs to use. After analysis, you must recognize whether this is the right treadmill for your house gym.

The TRUE Performance 800 Treadmill

I’m not ashamed to claim I was watching “Below Deck” the other night … ok … maybe I’m a little embarrassed, however begin, it’s amusing and also there’s never ever anything on …

Anyway, I was enjoying and also I noticed the very private yacht they’re following has a REAL treadmill on it. It got me believing that absolutely nothing claims you have actually “made it” like making your way onto a very private yacht.

REAL Fitness has really been around for a long time and they’ve developed a great online reputation in the biz. They started as a company of treadmills before at some point branching off into ellipticals, bikes, and also toughness devices.

These men even brought out the very first detachable safety key for treadmills- talk about a video game changer.

REAL develops both industrial and household health and fitness devices. And their domestic machines are usually higher-grade than a lot of various other brands’ business designs.

Despite the fact that their ellipticals and also bikes are nice, I believe treadmills is still what they do best.

The Efficiency 800 is the highest-end model in their “Performance” collection. As such, it features a more powerful motor, longer warranty, as well as more advanced console than the Performance 100 as well as 300.

For sale, this treadmill will cost ya around $4k.


  • Bluetooth
  • Polar heart rate monitoring compatible
  • 6 user profiles
  • 6 custom workouts for each user
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Great warranty
  • 21″ x 60″ running surface
  • 4.0 HP DC motor
  • 3″ rollers
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Top incline of 15%
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • 9″ touchscreen display
  • 20+ workouts


  • No fan
  • No bluetooth speakers

Running Surface

The Performance 800 comes with a 21 ″ x 60 ″ running surface area. This is spacious sufficient to fit most folks with no troubles, however it is a bit weird to see a strange number for the size (most are either 20 ″ or 22 ″).

Odd or not, this treadmill is vast enough to feel comfy throughout use, you should not find yourself running out of belt even if you do guide a little from midline.

And also with a size of 60 ″, most people, also those 6 ″ and above, need to be able to extend completely when performing at faster rates.

Directly, I assume the running surface area is one of the most vital spec to consider when investigating a new treadmill.

This simple specification tells you a great deal about the equipment, yet most significantly it informs you whether or not it’s big sufficient for ya.

A lot of high-end home treadmills will come with a running surface area that’s 20 ″ x 60 ″ or larger. Less expensive treadmills will usually include smaller running surface areas (after all, there are reasons why economical treadmills are budget-friendly).

As well as if you attempt to make use of a treadmill that’s as well tiny, you’ll find yourself having to shorten you stride- something I’m not attempting to do.

But on the Efficiency 800, that should not be an issue.

The running surface area is adequate below, as is the architectural integrity of the frame. To put it simply, this is a really durable treadmill.

This appears when you take a look at the fact that this treadmill considers 330 lb constructed as well as features a customer weight restriction of 350 lb.

This capacity is more than enough to hold most people safely, but I’m kinda surprised it’s not a bit greater thinking about how hefty the treadmill itself is.

In any case, with a frame this heavy, you should not have to worry about any undesirable rocking or tottering during use.

The deck also comes with REAL’s Soft Select shock soaking up system that permits you to pick exactly how soft you desire the deck to feel throughout your exercises.

You can pick in between a suppleness of 1 (softest) to 8 (hardest), permitting users to customize the feel of their workouts. For me, this wouldn’t make or break the offer, however it’s a rather trendy attribute.

Overall, the Performance 800 scores extremely with its huge running surface area as well as heavy-duty framework.


If the running surface is the first thing I look at on a treadmill, the electric motor is constantly a close second. Besides, the motor is the heart of the device, powering every workout you’ll ever do.

Residential treadmills typically include DC motors, although some will certainly feature A/C.

A/C electric motors are frequently located on commercial devices since they run much more efficiently and also do not warm up as much, allowing them to compete prolonged periods everyday.

When it involves strength, the majority of residence treadmills are packing somewhere between 1.5– 4.0 HP (and also some commercial versions will go as high as 5.0 HP).

With this in mind, take into consideration that the Performance 800 includes a 4.0 HP DC motor, putting it on the premium for both house and also industrial models.

With this effective electric motor, this treadmill can getting to and maintaining a top speed of 12 miles per hour and also a top incline of 15%, making it more than with the ability of challenging every temporal it could come in contact with.

I’m impressed with the toughness of the motor on this treadmill, however I’m also amazed that TRUE usages 3 ″ rollers.

The rollers are the part that permits the belt to move smoothly over the deck. Rollers make physical contact with the belt as well as having a larger roller is helpful.

For one, the bigger roller will make more surface contact with the belt, which causes a smoother feeling during usage.

Besides feeling smoother, larger rollers will certainly place much less anxiety on the belt as well as electric motor as well, which need to lengthen the life of each (as well as prolong the life of the rollers themselves).

A lot of premium home treadmills feature rollers somewhere between 2– 3.5 ″. With 3 ″ rollers, the Performance 800 is near the top in this group.

Overall, I believe the effective electric motor as well as big rollers is one of this treadmill’s most impressive attributes.


Speaking of which, below are a few even more features you’ll discover on real Efficiency 800:

T9 console- the T9 is a 9 ″ touchscreen present that makes it easy to see all your metrics as well as accessibility all the exercises and also whatnot this console has to offer.

20+ exercises- depending upon how you count, this treadmill comes with at the very least 20 integrated workouts to pick from. And also this wasn’t counting the custom exercises you can create (each individual can conserve 6 workouts).

6 individual accounts- you can conserve up to 6 customer accounts, making it simple for numerous users to save their data. And as I pointed out, each individual can save approximately 6 personalized workouts.

Bluetooth- the T9 is bluetooth friendly, allowing you to connect with various other fitness applications for tracking and all that jazz. This treadmill is developed to work with the GymTrakr application, which can then get in touch with other health and fitness applications of your choice.

Heart price tracking- the Performance 800 works with Polar bluetooth heart price screens (there’s likewise hold monitors).

Quick touch switches- you can immediately set your rate and/or incline with the push of a switch.

Water bottle holders- maintains your drink within hassle-free reach during your workouts.

Tablet computer holder- provides you an area to store your phone, tablet, or book during your workout.


The setting up procedure for the Performance 800 is an extremely simple one. REAL has actually done a great job making their hand-operated easy to adhere to, as well as making the process itself rather easy.

I would certainly even go as far as claiming that this treadmill needs to be easier to assemble than the majority of.

The manual features big photos, making it easy to see where each piece of equipment goes and also the composed instructions make sense along the road.

There isn’t much to assembly right here- you actually just require to attach the uprights to the structure and after that attach the console to the opposite side of the uprights.

There are a number of very easy cable connections and a few covers that need to be affixed.

But that’s about it.

The hardest part of putting this treadmill with each other will be relocate to its last destination beforehand- remember, this treadmill weighs over 300 lb, so if you’re planning on assembling yourself, have a lot of aid readily available to relocate this point.

Overall though, the setting up on this treadmill could not be much easier.


The TRUE Performance 800 Treadmill includes the adhering to property warranty:

  • Lifetime structure
  • 30 year motor
  • One decade parts
  • 1 year labor

This is an incredible guarantee. And also as a man that worries the value of comparing assurances, it makes me delighted to see such a charitable one.

You can’t defeat lifetime on the structure- that’s comparable to it gets as well as I would expect this type of assurance on such a premium treadmill.

Three decades on the electric motor is additionally really good. It isn’t “lifetime”, but allow’s be real, it pretty much is.

( I suggest seriously, is any person mosting likely to utilize this treadmill for 30 years and then complain when the electric motor lastly passes away?).

Ten years on components is specifically remarkable, taking into consideration most home treadmills top out at 5 years. And REAL consists of wear things in this 10 year assurance.

One year on labor is typical, nothing special there. The majority of brands just supply a year on labor, although in this rate array, in some cases you’ll see 2-3 years on labor.

Total though, I believe TRUE deals a great warranty on this machine.

Final Thoughts

That around does it for truth Performance 800. When you consider everything it has to provide, it’s kinda tough to reject that this treadmill isn’t outstanding.

It features a huge running surface area, an effective electric motor, huge rollers, as well as an adjustable shock taking in system.

It likewise features advanced touchscreen console as well as an excellent service warranty.

So, I think all of us agree that this treadmill is legitimate. But is it the appropriate treadmill for you? Besides, there are a lot of great treadmills around, especially in this price variety.

When you take a look at the performance specs, this treadmill can hold it’s own quite well. Yet I assume it’s the touchscreen console that establishes this version besides a lot of.

Having the touchscreen to start with is something most treadmills can’t supply. As well as the ones that do supply it, will normally make you pay additional to upgrade.

I likewise assume the capacity to save 6 custom profiles offers this treadmill a side- particularly if you have numerous folks in your home that intend on utilizing it.

That stated, if you uncommitted concerning the touchscreen console, you may want to look into Spirit’s CT850, which is priced the same however includes an Air Conditioner motor and also an also heavier-duty framework.

General though, I think the Performance 800 is one hell of a treadmill and easily one of the best business quality treadmills in its price variety. Very advised.

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