The Stryde is an additional brand-new streaming cycle marketed as a much more inexpensive alternative to Peloton. And also even though it’s obtaining tougher to tell the difference between all of these streaming options, the Stryde absolutely sticks out from the pack.

The bike itself is premium and also business grade inside out, yet it’s Stryde’s take on the streaming system that really establishes it besides the remainder.

The 22 ″ HD tablet computer that features the Stryde consists of an open internet web browser, which permits you to download or stream any type of content you like- including rival’s health and fitness apps.

And even though Stryde supplies their own streaming service, it’s optional- as well as you can still make use of the web browser and all other web content whether you subscribe or not.

Place all this with each other as well as you’ve got the makings for a terrific streaming cycle.

If you’re looking for a more budget pleasant strategy to house cycling, Stryde could be a terrific alternative- as well as this review is right here to help you figure that out.

In this short article, I’ll discuss every little thing the Stryde bike needs to supply. After analysis, you’ll know whatever you need to in order to choose whether or not this is the right choice for your house fitness center.

The Stryde Bike

The Stryde is one of the newer streaming bikes to hit the scene. As well as much like the MYX Health And Fitness Bike, they’re going far on their own by offering folks a lot more budget-friendly way to stream cycling classes from the convenience of their home.

At the time of creating this, they only use the 1 bike, but depending upon exactly how successful it is that might conveniently alter.

I bear in mind when Peloton just provided their initial bike, currently they’ve got 2 bikes, 2 treadmills, and also plenty of accessories to choose from.

When it concerns price, the initial price of the Stryde is a few hundred bucks less than the Peloton ($ 1600 vs $1900).

The regular monthly cost of Stryde’s application is additionally less at $29/month vs Peloton’s $39/month.

And also since subscribing to Stryde’s app is optional, you might quickly conserve even more by opting for a much more affordable streaming choice, however extra on that particular in a bit.

Let’s start off by discussing the specifications of the Stryde bike itself, and afterwards proceed to the console attributes.


  • Access and download additional entertainment/fitness apps
  • Bluetooth/ANT+ compatible heart rate monitors
  • Bluetooth headphones compatible
  • Dumbbell rack
  • Fair warranty
  • Good price
  • 30.5 lb flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • 100 levels of micro adjustable resistance
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Dual compatible pedals
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Compact footprint
  • 22″ HD touchscreen display
  • Stryde’s streaming service optional ($29/month)


  • Handlebars aren’t fully adjustable
  • No live classes on Stryde’s app yet


I like to start my spin cycle reviews by reviewing the resistance system. I think this is the most essential efficiency specification to consider due to the fact that it will effect the quality of every workout you do.

At once, the Stryde checks the right box by using a magnetic resistance system.

A magnetic system is liked to a friction system (sorry MYX) since they give smoother operation and also require much less upkeep (no call indicates much less breaking down).

Magnetic systems are basically an offered for any elite spin cycle these days, yet you ought to always check anyway.

The Stryde sets their magnetic resistance system with a 30.5 pound flywheel and a belt drive. The outcome is a smooth, silent feeling during usage.

When it involves flywheels, much heavier is generally thought about better due to the fact that the even more weight you have, the more momentum you’ll develop as that flywheel spins.

This momentum produces smoother pedal activity, eliminating any unwanted lag between pedal strokes.

At 30.5 lb, the Stryde is packing plenty of muscle to offer a smooth feel and also the belt drive is a little quieter than traditional chain drives.

And like Peloton, Stryde made this bike to make use of a resistance handle with 100 levels of resistance to choose from.

Not only does this make it simple for you to match this bike with the Peloton app if you wish to, but it also offers you 100 degrees to collaborate with- which is a lots of resistance levels.

Having a lot of degrees offers you a lot of wiggle room to make small adjustments to your intensity throughout workouts.

In general, the Stryde scores very highly in the resistance division. I such as that it features a hefty flywheel, belt drive, and 100 levels of mini flexible resistance to collaborate with.


Basically all rotate bike seats are the same- little, firm, and also sort of awkward for the unaware.

The seat on the Stryde isn’t any different.

This bike features a basic road bike seat, much like the saddle you ‘d discover on any kind of roadway bike you’ve ever utilized (remember spin cycles are made to simulate the feeling and also sensation of riding a roadway bike).

If you’re brand-new to biking, you may find it unpleasant for the very first couple of rides, but you’ll get utilized to it with time.

What’s more vital though, is the reality that this seat is totally adjustable, implying you can readjust both the elevation as well as horizontal (fore/aft) position conveniently.

This is a crucial feature for any premium spin cycle because it gives you a lot more options to tailor your fit, making sure a comfortable experience for any cyclist in your house.


The Stryde features multi-grip takes care of that are contoured for an extra comfy feel, allowing you to place your hands in any kind of conventional riding placement during workouts.

The handlebars are height flexible, but you can’t transform the fore/aft position.

It would behave to see completely adjustable handlebars too, due to the fact that more customization options are always an advantage, but I do not see this as that big of a problem.

Most of the high-end bikes do not supply this feature (Peloton included) and as long as you have the fully adjustable seat, I believe the majority of people will certainly still have the ability to discover a comfy riding placement with no concerns.

There’s likewise a pair of canteen owners situated conveniently near the handlebars, making them simple to access throughout workouts.


When you check out the put together weight of the Stryde, it’s rather evident that this is a durable bike with a secure structure.

At 135 lb, the Stryde weighs precisely as high as the Peloton does, which I can state from experience is quite stable. You shouldn’t have to worry about this bike feeling lightweight or unsteady throughout your workouts.

Another excellent way to obtain a sense of exactly how sturdy a bike is by looking at the bike’s weight ability. Higher is always better, indicating a more structurally audio device.

The Stryde ratings really extremely in this department with a max weight capability of 350 pound.

This is great for any kind of spin bike, but it’s specifically outstanding taking into consideration small this bike is. You just need a 4 ′ x 2 ′ flooring space to fit the Stryde, making it a clever option for smaller sized workout areas too.

Generally, the Stryde has a commercial-grade, powder layered steel frame that ought to really feel solid and steady throughout exercises. As well as the higher than normal weight ability makes it approachable for bigger folks too.


Many spin cycles come with pedals that are designed to be utilized with sneakers (toe cages) or riding cleats (typically SPD, however can vary).

Each has their benefits.

Toe cages are fantastic because you can use any kind of footwear you like without needing to stress over purchasing unique shoes just to ride your cycle.

Cleats are amazing because they boost the effectiveness of your ride, allowing you to get to faster tempos more comfortably.

Some bikes, like the Stryde, make life simpler and also come with twin compatible pedals that consist of both.

The pedals on this cycle have a toe cage on one side and an SPD suitable clip-in on the various other.

This indicates you don’t have to put on cleats if you don’t wish to, however you can if you already have ’em or wish to invest in a set.


Ok, now we’re getting to the good stuff.

I appreciate you bearing with me as we examined the bike itself item for item. And also after considering the whole bike, I would certainly state the Stryde scores extremely highly when contrasted to various other premium home cycles.

Yet let’s be real, it’s the console that lots of people are interested in.

The Stryde comes with a 22 ″ HD (1080p) touchscreen tablet computer as its monitor. This coincides dimension and also level of definition that streaming cycles, like Peloton as well as the NordicTrack S22i, featured.

Like other brands, this console is additionally compatible with bluetooth as well as ANT+ heart price screens in addition to bluetooth earphones.

However when it concerns the streaming experience itself, Stryde varies significantly from every other streaming bike available.

For one, Stryde doesn’t develop their very own workshop classes.

Well, that’s not specifically right, what I need to say is that they do not have their very own devoted trainers that are only developing Stryde workouts.

Rather, they have specialist instructors from around the nation filming courses in their particular studios.

This is incredible because you reach pick from courses as well as trainers from prominent spin studios around the United States- each with their own design as well as flare.

The disadvantage to this model is that some individuals have actually pointed out that the manufacturing high quality isn’t quite as high as a few other streaming solutions.

On the plus side, signing up for Stryde’s streaming service is totally optional from the beginning.

Unlike Peloton or NordicTrack, or virtually any other streaming bike available, you don’t have to sign up with Stryde’s streaming solution to get access to every one of its features.

If you choose to, that’s great, yet if you do not, no difficult sensations.

Stryde’s streaming cost is $29/month, that includes accessibility to every one of their spinning courses. At the time of composing this, Stryde just provides spin courses- no stamina training, yoga exercise, or anything like that.

They have actually got over 500 on-demand classes to select from (no real-time classes yet) as well as they’re adding about 2 courses a day.

Whether you choose to utilize their streaming service or not, that depends on you. Even if you do not, you can still utilize the browser as well as download various other apps to the tablet computer.

If you ask me, this is probably the best attribute the Stryde needs to offer.

You can access entertainment apps like Netflix or Hulu for those days where you just want to area as well as trip while viewing a film.

But you can likewise download and access other health and fitness applications.

What various other bike lets you do this?

You can literally download the Peloton app to the console as well as watch Peloton classes from your Stryde. If you ask me, this is amazing.

And not just Peloton- you can download and install any type of app you desire as long as it’s Android based.

You could have a whole collection of health and fitness apps at your disposal on this bike- whether you sign up for Stryde’s app or otherwise.

And also Stryde has recently upgraded their app so you can see your exercise statistics in a little home window over top of other media- so if you’re enjoying Netflix, you’ll still be able to see you statistics without needing to leave out.

On the whole, Stryde is taking streaming bikes to a brand-new level with the openness of their tablet computer.

I assume the ease of access of the tablet computer on this bike is remarkable and easily one of one of the most engaging reasons to select the Stryde over various other similarly valued cycles.


The Stryde bike includes the adhering to domestic guarantee:

5 year framework
1 year parts/electronics
1 year labor
In the beginning look, this may feel a little short for a spin cycle in this rate array, but it’s on the same level of what other brand names are using (identical to Peloton’s warranty).

It would certainly behave to see a life time framework guarantee, yet it’s unlikely you’re going to have any type of structural concerns anyway.

And also a year on components as well as electronics appears to be the going price these days.

Generally, a fair service warranty based on the comps.

Final Thoughts

I’ll need to admit- initially glance, I didn’t assume much of the Stryde. It resembled one more cookie-cutter streaming bike with absolutely nothing brand-new to actually use.

However then I took a better look.

The bike itself is great- it’s sturdy and business grade around and the mini adjustable resistance system is outstanding.

However that console swipes the program.

I believe it was brilliant of Stryde to design the tablet computer with an open system. Having the capacity to accessibility as well as download other apps to the console is a game changer.

As well as I love that you do not even have to subscribe to Stryde’s application for accessibility.

Having the ability to download and install any kind of physical fitness apps you want gives the Stryde unlimited workout potential.

It additionally means you can save a lots of money by opting for even more economical streaming services (or none in any way if you like, you can still access enjoyment apps without paying for a health and fitness application).

On the whole, I assume the Stryde is a clever buy. People trying to find a more affordable Peloton alternative or access to several streaming applications will likely love it. Extremely advised.

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